Kick Start The Cycle of Awesomeness

I am so amazed by the power of gratitude. Once you start saying thank you, the world comes back to you with more gratitude. This gives you more courage and energy to take action. It´s an endless loop of awesomeness.

Do you want a new world? Well, just kick start the cycle of awesomeness. Say “Thank you”. Make it a habit. Say “thank you” every day, at least five times.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

PS. In the photo you see the very first gift for our baby girl AND it came from an amazing woman of the Pregnant Preneur Project. Want to shout thank you from the rooftops, but I also want to keep her confidentiality. THANK YOU!

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Blanca Vergara

Blanca Vergara MBA, soul entrepreneur, author, speaker and mom, has an uncanny vision for identifying passion and purpose. She has the charm to enthuse and the muscle to move you into action. Blanca delivers post modern, high-impact, transformational solutions for the builders of the Upcoming Heart Centred Economy to authentically renew the world.

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