February 7

How to Stop Procrastinating

How to stop procrastinating? Why do we do it in the first place?
Why don’t we follow through with what we know we should be doing?
The expert opinion of successful people is not enough to get us into action. Heart promises fly out of the window very easily.

So, how can we stop procrastination and actually take action?
I got two answers for you today.

Please do let me know here below, what you think. How does this apply to you? How do you manage to conquer your procrastination attacks?

And of course, please do share the love! If you feel that this content could be instrumental for the success and happiness of a friend or family member, by all means, do share it! Share it! We all deserve a happier life.

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Tweetable quotes

To think that this is not a big deal is a BIG deal – @BlancaVergara
Life is cumulative – @BlancaVergara
What if you did one tiny little action every day – @BlancaVergara
Tiny little step every day is success – @BlancaVergara
Tiny little steps are a big deal – @BlancaVergara
Get big enough reason and procrastination will vanish with ease – @BlancaVergara

stop procrastinating



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