Experimenting – Clarity Assessment

During this season you feel butterflies in your tummy. You feel like a butterfly yourself. You are excited by everything. You see colors and possibilities everywhere. You meet many people. You read all kinds of books. Life feels effervescent and exciting.

Creativity is the name of the game. You could start painting, singing, dancing or sculpting. You could also find new ways of doing usual activities: new ways of negotiating, new recipes, new ways to go to work, new outfits, etc.

Joy is ever present in this period. You laugh more often and with total abandon. All is easy and joyful. You are relaxed and light.

These season of life provides us great opportunity to learn and to grow. Some exciting goals you can set now are,

  • Get clarity of your personal identity. Now you are experimenting many options, this will allow to know what represents/serves  you and what doesn’t.
  • Increase in confidence. Trying a wide range of things allows you to be out of your comfort zone.  This will automatically increase your self-belief.
  • Certainty on what is important. Experimenting will shine a light on your priorities. It will allow you to identify what you truly care about and what can simply be gone.
  • Renew your intimate relationship. If you are in a relationship, you can add this sense of adventure in it. This will bring sparkle and vitality to it.
  • Find the one. If you are not in a relationship, this is a great season to find the one. Go out. Go out on many dates. Meet many different people. Don’t commit. Learn. Listen. Enjoy. Once you are clear about your priorities, your values, your goals, then it will be very clear who the one is. This choice would be perfect for both of you.
  • Become more creative. We are all creative, no matter what your school teachers told you. You are creative. This is a great season to find new ways to express your creative genius. What haven’t you ever done? Now it’s time to give it a try. Now is “one day”.
  • Improve your humor. Humor is fuel for the soul. Finding new ways to add joy to your life is priceless. Now it’s the perfect time to do so.
  • Take new risks. Now it’s the time to say YES. Give it a try. Try that new exotic food. Go to that far away country. Join that dance class. Don’t take risks just for the sake of taking them. Choose risks that would make you grow. Make sure that they are new to you. Expand your comfort zone.

​Activities that might help you reach these goals

  • Explore options 
  • Make new friends
  • Get advanced degree
  • Fall in love again
  • Read with abandon
  • Enjoy being lazy
  • Indulge in music, art, drama
  • Have fun
  • Travel
  • Change career
  • Take up a sport
  • Simplify lifestyle

Are you ready to drop the struggle and
unleash your radiance and impact?

But, not sure how?