This private mentoring is a sacred cocoon for your inside out transformation. Through this journey you will,

  • Let go of shame, guilt and the need to please “them” (Heal your ancestral wounds)
  • Expand your trust in your intuition
  • Stop living in response to what “they” say or think
  • Be perfectly imperfect without any need of external approval
  • Feel truly safe to succeed, to be loved and most importantly to be 100% you
  • Embody the power to change your life, business, past and future

An Intimate Journey

I only welcome four female leaders in this private mentoring program at a time, to ensure that each one receives my utmost presence and care.

This mentorship is not for you if you are looking for the silver bullet, the short cut towards success and happiness.

This is for you if you have realized that there is untapped potential within you and that more intellectual education will not cut it.

You are ready to reclaim, integrate and embody your FULL power. If you are longing to embody your inner Regina, let’s walk together.



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