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Is self-doubt affecting your productivity?

If your compassion doesn’t include yourselfIt’s incomplete​​Jack KornfieldSelf-doubt and self-criticism are serious dangers to your productivity and happiness. When you are unkind to yourself, you cannot create your best work. When you believe that negative self-talk, you cannot run the extra mile and create something great. In order to be successful and happy, we need to […]

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Unlock The Superhero In You

Look around you. Massive problems urgently need to be solved: pollution, injustice, violence, and many more. These problems require the talent and ingenuity of many people. However despite the billions of people on this planet in need, they are nowhere to be found. A large number of people are disengaged, burned out, or bored. We […]

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Superhero’s Journey – Lianne Middeldorp, from doodling to professional illustrator

After working for several years in the corporate industry, Lianne Middeldorn made a 180 degree turn in 2016; she started creating her own illustrations and artwork.Working for a wide variety of clients and purposes is what she loves: from established firms to start-ups, from editorials to commissioned personal pieces. She often uses different techniques and […]

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