Are you called

to break the chain of what's been running in the family?

to burn what no longer serves you and give space for a brand new you to emerge from those ashes?

to crown you as your own queen?

You don't need to go through this alone

Does any of these sound like you?

  • You are successful in everyone eyes, yet no one knows how harsh of an inner critic you have. 
  • There's a nagging voice calling you to level up your career, well actually your entire life. It's calling you to add more meaning, impact and joy.
  • You have the self awareness to know that more knowledge is not what you need, but to heal something within, something ancestral.
  • You are ready to do the work



  • Wake up every day knowing you are embodying your true power, worth and purpose, with confidence, grace and joy
  • Being free of patterns of thought and behavior that have hold you and your family for years
  • Opening the path to next generations to a more empowered future
  • Being ready for your next level: allow it, trust in it, be it


Spiritual Mentorship for Female Leaders

Sacred Cocoon

Regina is a private mentoring.  It is a sacred cocoon for your inside out transformation. Through this journey you will,

  • Heal your ancestral wounds
  • Expand your trust in your intuition
  • Stop living in response to what "they" say or think
  • Be perfectly imperfect without any need of external approval
  • Feel truly safe to succeed, to be loved and most importantly to be 100% you
  • Embody the power to change your life, business, past and future

Together we'll create a unique program with your needs, my experience and our intuition. We'll incorporate in this plan the spiritual and the practical.

Our journey includes, 

  • 18 individual mentoring sessions (60 minutes, 3 per month)
  • Audio recording of all sessions
  • Tailored Exercises and tools
  • Email support
  • FREE access to All courses I launch during our 6 months together
  • Access to Bloom with Blanca, Spiritual Support Sisterhood during our 6 months together
  • Surprises, gifts and more

You don't need to walk alone during this intense process of becoming. You can  be emotionally and spiritual supported, as you own your power and remember your own wisdom.

Designed by Source

Your journey will be shaped by your intention. Our first step is to get you clear about your vision and core desires. Building upon that bases, we'll structure your journey in a personalized and unique way. In general you can expect 3 big stages,

  1. Exploring where you are, who you are, where is it coming from. Awareness is always the first step. This is the key to massive transformation.
  2. Releasing limiting beliefs and self concept. Clearing the path before you from all that has been stop you until now.
  3. Owning your own power and identity. Building for yourself a brand new "who I am" to walk confidently and own your new future.

We will constantly allow the wisdom and support of our teams upstairs. This will accelerate and ease the process in miraculous ways.

Regina is available as a 6-months package.
This mentoring program is an investment in the moderate 5-figures.
Details are discussed in the free consultation.

Are you ready to be supported? 

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Blanca is exciting and challenging. She gets to the core of the issue and offers insight, options, and priorities. She is generous with her expertise and knowledge to help people move forward in integrity and productivity. I highly recommend her to anyone anywhere running a business.

Alycia de Kraa Instigation, Brussels/Amsterdam

Clarity; inspiration and tools to jump start their career or business! The coaching sessions I received from Blanca to sort out my company’s vision and handle obstacles were the key to get me back on track. Her openness, sharp insight and variety of techniques left me with a new focus and energy to create my own future. I recommend Blanca to anyone who seeks clarity; inspiration and tools to jump start their career or business!

Marianne Korten Soul At Work, Australia

Blanca is not just innovative and brilliant, she really cares about helping your business grow.

Blanca is not just innovative and brilliant, she really cares about helping your business grow. I enjoyed working with her in the Change Agent series. That experience helped me fine tune the focus of my business which is helping people while creating a profit for myself.

I highly recommend working with Blanca if you have the chance.

Leah Oviedo Writer, San Diego