are you tired of being tired?
you used to be proud of your career, but now you hate it and don’t know where to go
do you wish you had the energy and confidence to run away and go for what you truly want?
are you afraid of living an empty life and don’t know where to start?

launch your fertile life NOW>>

Option 1: Do it yourself (with help)

Reclaim Your Power

Find Joy, Impact And Love

How would your life change when you embrace your purest power? How would your life change when your pure intention guides every decision?

Trying harder doesn’t work! You need to take care of your inner saboteurs. Fear, procrastination and other demons are caused by unconscious and painful beliefs. Obliterating them is the first step that will free you in your path towards the ultimate YOU.

That’s just the first step! You need to identify your pure intention: the only thing that will satisfy your soul. Your pure intention will give you the clarity and focus to choose differently, more harmoniously, more efficiently.

That’s not all! Knowing what you don’t want and what you do want is nothing without action. You need to build the life habits that will assure you a life turn around.

Join me for a free video training  where I’m going to give you the roadmap to reinvent yourself, to find joy impact and love.

Option 2: Enjoy the Power Of A Group

Launch Your Fertile Life

Open Your Life to Love, Lush and Legacy

Are you sick of unconsciously perpetuating an empty life and protecting yourself from true happiness?

  • I got many of the pretty little things that people envy, BUT I still don’t like what I see in the mirror
  • Tic, tac, tic, tac. I cannot continue this way any longer, BUT there is something that just doesn´t let me move
  • I have wasted my time and money in self help books / programs, therapists,  BUT nothing ever changes. I feel so lost and so tired
  • I’m sick of being lonely, BUT I’m a magnet for relationships, jobs, projects that just make me sad
  • I used to be proud of my fast lifestyle, now I hate it, BUT I don’t know how to live otherwise
  • I’m afraid of living an empty life, BUT I don’t know what to do

If you answer yes to any of the above, it’s a sign that your life has reached a plateau AND something needs to change SOON.

Come and Launch Your Fertile Life

Option 3: Engage My Heart and Mind

Fertile Life Mentorship

Clarity and Courage to Revamp Your Life

Are you looking for the support of someone who talks from experience? who has been there and can show you the shortcuts and habits towards the life you love?

  • You want to create, to paint, to express yourself, BUT you feel blocked
  • You know your intution is a great asset, BUT you keep it in the closet: “What would they say? You are woo, woo!”
  • Your inner critic is sabotaging your every step AND and you feel powerless to pursue your dreams
  • You know you are being called to do more with your one precious life- BUT what is that?
  • You want more self-expression, BUT don’t know where to start

If you want my dedicated attention on your journey, here is my heart and mind. Get ready for a shower of unconventional yet effective methods and advice.

The Fertile Life Mentorship will allow you to build the clarity, confidence and courage to transform your life.

Are you ready to be the LIGHT?

  • If anyone can coach people to do this (build the heart centered economy) she can.
    Faye Cossar
    - Amsterdam
  • Her work has brought to my life a profound transformation, a sense of action and well-being.
    Oscar Perez-Vega
    - Consulting Partner & Co-Founder, Food Network Consulting-Mexico
  • She has shown exception vision on teaching profitable and holistic values.
    Edward Ybarra
    - EuroKay, Amsterdam
  • She gets to the core of the issue and offers insight, options and priorities.
    Alycia de Kraa
    - Brussels
  • Blanca is listening for the gold. Through all the dirt she can see the gold in a person.
    Nina Beem
    - Amsterdam
  • You inspired me to “go get” my own life
    Juliette van der Meijden
    - Brazil