• If anyone can coach people to do this (build the heart centered economy) she can.
    Faye Cossar
    - Amsterdam
  • Her work has brought to my life a profound transformation, a sense of action and well-being.
    Oscar Perez-Vega
    - Consulting Partner & Co-Founder, Food Network Consulting-Mexico
  • She has shown exception vision on teaching profitable and holistic values.
    Edward Ybarra
    - EuroKay, Amsterdam
  • She gets to the core of the issue and offers insight, options and priorities.
    Alycia de Kraa
    - Brussels
  • Blanca is listening for the gold. Through all the dirt she can see the gold in a person.
    Nina Beem
    - Amsterdam
  • You inspired me to “go get” my own life
    Juliette van der Meijden
    - Brazil