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Great to see you here! I'm Blanca Vergara. I'm a woman on a mission: accelerate the emergence of the Heart Centered Economy, exchanging true value for the benefit of humanity. Over the past decade I reinvented myself from corporate success (with a broken heart) to heart centered business owner and mother - but my real quest is just beginning.

The purpose of this site is my personal mission. In other words, I support high achievers (with a broken heart) embracing who they actually are and letting go of who they think they were supposed to be.

Why is this so difficult and so critical?

One key characteristic of high achievers is their keen ability to fit in, to say what "they" want to hear, to comply. This ability takes you very high in the old business system. However, it creates emptiness in your soul as it kills your uniqueness, your creativity and all your strengths. So, if you reconnect with your own truth, you will not only be happy, but also tremendously interesting for business. Yes! If you reconnect with your uniqueness, innovative businesses would fight to have you on their payroll. Yes! If you reconnect with your uniqueness, you can become immensely profitable as an independent business owner. No matter if you are meant to be an entrepreneur or continue in the corporate world, you need to reconnect with YOUR ONE THING. The one thing that makes you so happy, have impact AND be profitable.

This transformation is not trivial. After all you will need to unlearn decades of old bad habits. So, having a guide is critical for you to actually achieve this transformation.  So, if something is aching in you, if you want to birth a dream, if you want to move from desire to results, from darkness to light, here is my hand.

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Is this you?

100% YOU living

After a tremendously successful career are you: burnt out, bored out, recovering from a divorce or a pregnancy or being fired?  Are you feeling the profound calling to use this challenging time to reinvent yourself? I can help you.


Passion into Profits

Is the corporate life not appealing to you any longer? Is entrepreneurship at the same time terribly scary and terribly attractive? To succeed you need to develop a brand new mindset and open yourself to the greatest journey: entrepreneurship. I can help you.


Meaningful Mastery

You have a business that generates some income, but very little satisfaction - you might even hate who you have become. I can help you transition into a new business area that is lucrative, changes the world and makes YOU happy. I can help you make your mark.


Success Stories

You inspired me to "go get" my own life.

The course with you inspired me to "go get"my own life, so to speak. I sill loo at the Power Circle from time to time (I made a picture of the original drawing). Now I am so much more focused on how to live the life I desire for myself an how to support others. Brazil has given me the opportunity to live close to the ocean and the nature I love. I'm building a business and my first home for a client. I guess Architecture will always be part of my offer to the world, I'm also working with the community in my village, in the Northeast of Brazil, to develop a more sustainable (human) environment. I have grown tremendously the last couple of years and this fantastic process started with your course in Amsterdam. Thank you so very much!

Juliette van de Meijden
Brazilian Design with Global Vision, Brazilian/Dutch Architect-Urban Designer and Artist
Her work has brought to my life a profound transformation, a sense of action and well-being.

Blanca has been a inspiring source of action, clarity, reflection and the opportunity to understand my purpose of being. I acknowledge that her work has brought to my life a profound transformation, a sense of action and well-being.

If you are ready to start changing the rules in this modern economy game and discover your soul life purpose, give yourself an opportunity to be coached by Blanca

Oscar Perez Vega PhD
Co-Founder, Food Network Consulting, Mexico
Clarity; inspiration and tools to jump start their career or business!

The coaching sessions I received from Blanca to sort out my company’s vision and handle obstacles were the key to get me back on track.

Her openness, sharp insight and variety of techniques left me with a new focus and energy to create my own future. I recommend Blanca to anyone who seeks clarity; inspiration and tools to jump start their career or business!

Marianne Korten
Founder, Canberra Healing, Australia


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Give yourself 60 minutes with me and you'll see possibilities in ways you never saw before.

Stop settling in! Stop complying! Give yourself the opportunity to listen to your own wisdom. Give yourself the opportunity to explore what is your ONE thing. Be courageous to identify what is exactly in between you and your epic life. Once you know it, the next step will be clear and your success and fulfillment would be unavoidable.

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