Heal Old Wounds



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It's time to heal the wounds that patriarchy has left us. 
It's time to raise as the powerful leaders we are. 
It's your time!

Let's unleash together our true feminine power by healing our female legacy of shame and self-censorship

Life changing!

In life you meet many people but only very few have the power to change your life. She is such an inspirational and intelligent woman that I consider myself lucky that she crossed into my life.


Carina Bravo Plancarte

Recruitment manager

Guided me to reconnect with myself 

Blanca is one of those extraordinary people who has the magic to get you moving, and bring the confidence that you can do amazing things! Her resourceful, spot-on conversations can make a difference no matter where you are on your path.

Raluca Dobrescu

HR Manager

She sees beyond

Blanca is very energetic and passionate to bring the best out of women. She cares about your goal and listens carefully to what you need. She sees beyond and makes you see the world of opportunities. She is very sincere and authentic.

Liza Rassei PhD MBA

bringing innovation to market

Are you ready to drop the struggle and
unleash your radiance and impact?

But, not sure how?