The Wise Woman

Rest & Surrender

Your Role in the World

The Wise Woman is a visionary who dreams about the destiny of her people. She is capable of walking between different worlds, communicating with both nature and the spirit realm, and pursuing knowledge of the unknown.

The Wise Woman archetype resonates at the level of the Brow Chakra. She is the Crone, the Medicine Woman, the Keeper of the Mysteries. 

The Gifts

Her unique talents include intuition, insight, imagination, and the ability to see beyond what others cannot. The Wise Woman teaches us to trust our inner knowing and follow the guidance of our deepest truth

The Work

The Wise Woman invites us to connect with our own deep wisdom, as well as the ancient wisdom of our lineage. She awakens our higher senses to understand the mythic language of symbols, archetypes, and stories.

Blind Spots
  • Overly intellectual, spiritual addiction, confusion, dissociation
  • Learning difficulties, spiritual skepticism, limiting beliefs, materialism, apathy

The Wise Woman Highlights

Central Issue



Wisdom, knowledge, consciousness, spiritual connection


To know



Rethink. Repurpose. Regenerate.

Your Looking Glass