Upgrade your Identity Jan21 - Blanca Vergara


Free Workshop

Upgrade Your Identity
Upgrade your Business Success

Let Go of the "Struggling YOU"
Become a Magnet of ALL You're Wanting

January 27, 21:00 CET


At the end of this online workshop, you will discover

Why knowledge and hard work are
bringing you results
How to flip the
narrative from
Why affirmations and positive thinking
My 4 step framework to allow abundance & change old wounds into wisdom

This Workshop is for you if you are
a female entrepreneur 

  • wants to take her business to the next level, but has noticed that all the tactics, strategies, the "doing" is not enough
  • is hitting an internal ceiling. This sounds like voices in your head telling you:  what if my business isn't successful? What if nobody's interested in what I have to offer? What if I won't be able to support myself? What if I don't have what it takes?
  • is guessing that this inner glass ceiling was inherited to you from your family and/or culture
  • is tired of working so hard and not seeing commensurate results
  • is tired of her self sabotaging one second before arriving to the "success"
  • knows that now is YOUR time. You say to yourself: if not now, when? If not me, who? BUT you don't necessarily know what and how 
  • knows that the future belongs to those who dare to create it and wants to be one of them, but doesn't know what's the first step

What people say about my work

Carina Bravo Plancarte

Recruitment Manager

Life Changing

In life, you meet many people but only very few have the power to change your life.

Blanca has this power, and this is maybe because she does what she likes to do in life, and she does it very well. Only in one hour, I saw her touching the heart of more than one person, all with different backgrounds, nationalities, and ages.

Whether you work for a company or have your own business, there is a lot you can learn from Blanca.

She is such an inspirational and intelligent woman, that I consider myself lucky that she crossed into my life.

Raluca Dobrescu

HR Manager and Coach

It's so good!

Blanca is one of those extraordinary people who has the magic to get you moving, and bring the confidence that you can do amazing things! Her resourceful, spot-on conversations can make a difference no matter where you are on your path. Thank you Blanca for guiding me to re-connect to myself!

Mariana Besana

Founder of Maracuya

Contact Blanca NOW, not yesterday! 

I am truly thankful to have come across Blanca, who has a wonderful way to pull things into clarity and guide you through your own process of understanding. Her session was insightful, warm, fun and touch the right note in a serious yet light way. I would recommend anyone who's looking for a creative way to open up and lighten up to contact Blanca, now, no, yesterday!

About your host, Blanca Vergara

The first chapter of my life was all about being a success in the masculine way. I was a successful executive: the poster perfect girl of "Women to the Top". When my body and soul were tremendously hungry for the feminine, I quit my corporate career and dived into everything spiritual and emotional.

It was a great choice as it allowed love and motherhood to enter my life.  Yet, my wallet was not very pleased. I became financially dependent on my husband. No matter how hard I worked and how much I learned, the very last second before success, I would sabotage myself for no apparent reason.

It was not until I shifted my own identity that my business started growing. Now I'm paying it forward to other women just like me. And yes, you guessed it right. Their ability to show up 100% has increased together with their sales and their joy.

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