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on the 4th of February at 10 PM CET

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Yes, I want in! 



Allow Abundance by Reconciling with the Past


If you are done with shame, guilt and fear of sabotaging your business results

... then it's time for you to unleash your True Feminine Identity! 

Why your hard work may not pay off
even with your best intentions and methods

Pay attention. This is important if you don't want to stay trapped in the same level of results and joy.

All women have one major hidden obstacle that always keeps their dreams beyond their reach.

What is it?

Before we talk about that, let's see where you are,

  • You work really hard, yet right before success you do something "stupid" to sabotage your success
  • You've been working on yourself for years, but the same issues keep coming up
  • You sense that your beliefs about yourself and others are holding you back
  • You overwork and give yourself little time for pleasure, joy or spiritual connection
  • You're active in the world, but feel an underlying sense of guilt or impostor syndrome
  • "I'm not good enough" attacks your constantly. It may sound different like: "who do you think you are", or "they'll think I'm just a wannabee".

Here is the hidden in plain sight obstacle

All women carry a painful heritage: the Collective Female Trauma. We all inherited this pain forged for thousands of years and the "system" keeps it alive. Think about it, for 10,000 years all things masculine have been celebrated: being the winner, hunting, the fire and so on. While all things feminine have been vilified and suppressed. 

  • If you were supportive, you were a loser
  • If you were sensual, you were a whore
  • If you were wise, you were a witch
  • If you were assertive, you were a bitch

I know what you feel when you read this: anger! I hear you. It's the easiest and most natural reaction. After all there hasn't been a safe way of embodying the feminine for centuries. To survive we hide,

  • Behind toxic feminine helplessness: Become dependent of a real or a figurative man (government or institution)
  • Behind toxic masculine hard-work: Become manly, work harder than men, fight them in their arenas

Both choices are self-destructive!

These "solutions" create massive pain,

  • Shame: feeling bad about who we are as a whole
  • Guilt: feeling deserving of blame, without really understanding what you did wrong
  • Blame: feeling the victim of a "bad guy", usually the patriarchy or your mom
  • Comparison: always feeling that who you are and what you have is not good enough
  • Attenuation: feeling the urge to remain small to be safe, loved and accepted
  • Undeserving: feeling guilty for wanting more than you currently have

The Collective Female Trauma keeps you stuck in ancient patterns of blame, shame, fear and guilt. The most obvious way to survive is to hide. It works, but that won't bring you any business.

The other path is to become manlier than men. As a result your feminine qualities remain hidden, even more you and your dreams burn.

and that pain gets translated in to many self-destructive actions, like,

  • Overwork harder than men: think about all-nighters
  • Avoiding the spot light (not to hurt others, not to be abandoned, not to be attacked...)
  • Tolerating unacceptable behavior by others
  • Saving others
  • Pushing away rejection before it happens
  • Avoiding sisterhood: being competitive with other women
  • Never show vulnerability
  • .....

Pretending that the Collective Female Trauma doesn't exist

  • keeps you hidden and overworked
  • causes you sleepless nights
  • leads you to financial stress
  • The worst of all is the waste of joy and creation that you could have experience otherwise

If this applies to you...

Don't be ashamed! It's not your fault!


We women all have unconsciously received a very painful heritage: the Collective Female Trauma. With the milk and the cornflakes we received messages that cause us to reject our own essence, to dismiss our dreams and to hide in order to survive.

But that's ok! It's all that you knew UNTIL NOW!

When the Collective Female Trauma rules your life, your survival is assured by your invisibility. To be in the spot light is literally dangerous. You are always tip-toeing around the edges of your truth instead of being unapologetical about who you are, what you deserve and what you want.

The Collective Female Trauma creates a constant need for approval, a need to compete, a need to hide, a need to fight, a need to explain. All these needs keep you trapped.

So if making money by being 100%  You seems unrealistic or even dangerous, it's time to heal the Collective Female Trauma. Else you'll continue surviving, stuck in the less than you deserve reality.

What's going to happen to your business if you don't start embracing your true feminine identity

Your true feminine identity is that of a Goddess. A Goddess thinks very different than a survivor...

  • Survivors think that taking risks is scary. A Goddess is the storm. She's exciting and vibrant.
  • Survivors think that they need to hide to be safe. A Goddess doesn't need safety. She's unfuckwithable. She's truly at peace with herself. Nothing anyone says or does bothers her and no negativity or drama can touch her.
  • Survivors are terrified of rejection or judgement.  A Goddess is in control, knowing that no matter what they are always expanding
  • Survivors are always looking for gurus and methodologies... A Goddess is her own guru

Goddesses are forces to be reckoned with!

They don't follow the rules.

They take risks.

And don't let their circumstances dictate what's possible for them.

When you see the Collective Female Trauma for what it is, a hack in your operating system, you get your power back. 

Once you start thinking like a Goddess, you'll start acting like one too.

And that's important because. ..

Your past is NOT your future

Thousands of years of self-destructive habits and devastating stories don't need to be the future.

History, nature and nurture do have a gigantic power on us all, but it doesn't need to continue being that way. We have now neuroscience, brain and heart coherence research, quantum physics, epigenetics and more.

Technology is there. Humanity is awakening to the need of all that's feminine.

All that's needed now is for you to decide to do your very own inner work.

That' exactly what I'm here to do: help you step into the shoes of your inner Goddess role far quicker and easier than you ever could on your own!

And one of the ways we're going to do that... you get my Unleashed Process 

unleashed process

Inner Work is what keeps your past "in the past"

Take a quick look at the Unleashed process so that you know what it really means to follow my process

part 1
Set the stage
  • Set up the practices and habits to make the best out of this course.
  • Remember the secret story of shame and guilt that unites all women.
  • Recognize the secret true identity of women as wise sages.
Part 2
Inner Work
  • Recognize that the Collective Female Trauma is not your fault and diffuse the charge it had on you.
  • Allow yourself to grieve the lie that costed you so much pain, as all the time it robbed you.
part 3
  • Embrace your true feminine power: the Goddess reality.
  • Reconcile with your female and male lineage for passing on to you this painful heritage.
  • Build new inner support structures that will make you massively magnetic.
part 4
  • As you allow your inner wisdom to flow and guide you, you'll have massive new energy. Now it's a great time to envision and plan your next life chapter.
  • Learn and practice the skills you need to live your truth!
Beyond Unleashed

After the end of the 6 months, your journey doesn't end. In fact it starts. We know that dealing with the Collective Female Trauma is an eternal challenge and that there are different levels of healing. We will be there to support you.

Because of that we decided to extend our support for additional 6 months. Yes, Unleashed is a 12 months journey. You will receive a number of resources to support you going further,

  • 12 months access to our Unleashed learning center and online community.
  • The option to participate in a small group of alumnae to embody the transformations created in this course and support each other.
  • Access to our fabulous post course bonus materials.
  • Invitation to attend future course sessions to continue your transformation - for free! Our alumnae participate again at no cost, to continue to receive support on their Unleashed Journeys. 

But Making That Change on Your Own

is Harder Than You Think

It seems simple. Change survivor mindset for goddess mindset. Done!  Is that so?

Hunt for all the freebies online. Listen to all the meditations in YouTube. Read Women who run with the Wolfs. Start doing it yourself. And live happily ever after.

Unfortunately NO....

Inner work is not an intellectual one. Embodiment is not rational.
You cannot "learn" it. You must live it and in community.

Why doesn't learning more change your feelings, your results or your experience? 

The answer:

The real battle is in your unconscious

Because you already know that learning more won't change the way you feel and act!

The way you feel and act isn't based on what you know or don't know.

It's driven by your unconscious: your beliefs. They are the chronic thoughts that own your destiny.

Your beliefs drive your feelings, actions and thoughts. What you know is totally irrelevant for your results.

Learning is one of the mayor pitfalls of the Survivor Mindset. You stay in your head and it's never enough what you could learn.

If you want to change your life and your results, you need to go beyond the intellectual. You must explore those beliefs and challenge them.

As you challenge them you unleash your inner Goddess, who you really are.

As you activate your inner Goddess all will change: your business, your bank account, your feelings, your destiny! More joy, love and money will be magnetized your way. 

And I will help you make that transformation.

Expect Miracles

During and after this course, we expect miracles. You'll become more visible as you'll interact with more power and conviction, with less effort and shame. You'll increase your income as you'll discern better which business opportunities are right for you. Joy will be massive! Intimacy will be delicious. And much more!

Attract Abundance with Ease

You will be able to state your prices and approach customers who were "out of your league" with never seen before ease and grace.

Blossom into full authenticity

Being able to do whatever you want with no limitations, especially lack of money. 

Crown yourself as your own Queen

No more guessing what you should do. No more giving away your power to gurus, your mom or your husband. You'll allow yourself full sovereignty over yourself.

Shed the invisibility cloak 

You will show up authentically in all media. Fear will be a vague memory of who you once were. Now you're ready for the spotlight.



Allow Abundance by Reconciling with the Past

Unleashed isn't a money mindset course like all the others you may have taken. 

It's a complete transformational process that will change you...

From invisible overworked survivor to the Goddess your business needs!

It's time to transform you and your business!

Just like its' done for these Goddesses....

Sydney Thomas

It was transformational

The opportunity to work with Blanca and a small, intimate group of incredible female entrepreneurs from around the globe was not merely a wonderful learning experience, it was transformational. In a time when there's so much apparent divisiveness all around, I spent the 4 weeks feeling comforted, supported, validated, and loved unconditionally by a group of women I would ever have met otherwise. Blanca obviously spent a lot of time researching and preparing this course. Both in the group sessions and in her responses to our posts in our private Facebook page, Blanca shared her not only her wisdom and experience, but also her heart and soul with us, which made it so much easier for us to have the courage to be vulnerable and honest with each other. Stop thinking about signing up for the course and do it now!

Nataliya Volosovych

Not taking this course means staying in poverty on so many levels

Blanca's course "Unleashed - Allow Abundance by Reconciling with Your Past" is by far one of the best courses related to money coaching. She takes an approach that is deeply inspirational, she uses her feminine powers, her spirituality, her intuition, her charisma and magnetism to teach other women to reconcile with their past, to forgive themselves, to truly love themselves, to connect with and incorporate their masculine and in this way become a magnet for money. This is the course that is structured in such efficient way that you manage to finish it! Isn't it important since we are so overloaded with online and digital content?! You make a contract with yourself at the beginning and you finish it! For yourself, for your business, for your family, for the Universe :-) Not taking this course means staying in poverty on so many levels.

Britta van Arman

Reflect, identify and overcome personal obstacles

This course goes beyond the teachings of the law of attraction and reveals the historic suppression of female leadership and wealth generation. understanding the source of money & abundance blockages and the limiting beliefs that come with it, Blanca handed us tools to help reflect, identify and overcome personal obstacles. first shifts happened immediately during the first week of the course and I certainly feel empowered and encouraged to continue the work. I highly recommend this program to every woman wanting to break the vicious cycle of co-dependency and self-doubt. Thank you Blanca for your wisdom, your spiritual and practical guidance and empathy.


Who am I and
why do I care so much? 

Hi! I'm Blanca,

The first chapter of my life was all about being a success in the masculine way. I was a successful executive: the poster perfect girl of "Women to the Top". I was the "man" for the job.

When my body and soul were tremendously hungry for the feminine, I quit my corporate career and dived into everything spiritual and emotional. It was a great choice as it allowed love and motherhood to enter my life.

Yet, my wallet was not very pleased. I became financially dependent on my husband. No matter how hard I worked and how much I learned, the very last second before success, I would sabotage myself for no apparent reason.

It was not until I worked on healing my inherited self-worth programming that my business started growing.  Now I'm paying it forward to other women just like me. And yes, you guessed it right. Their ability to allow money has increased as they reconcile with their past and align with their own hearts.

Let me show you what's inside Unleashed

PART 1: Set the Stage

Module 1 - Basic Principles

The entire course is a transformational inner journey. We'll visit your dark inner woods. Your inner waterfalls might trench us. Your inner volcanoes might burn us. So we need to be very well prepared for such an exciting and valuable journey. In this module, we will do precisely that. We'll set up the fundamental commitments and practices that will allow you to make the best out of this course.

Module 2 - Understanding the Collective Female Trauma

Understanding the Collective Female Trauma is just like seeing eye to eye the scariest monster that has been controlling everything in your life for so long. In this module, you will explore the "secret" story of shame and guilt that unites all women. Understand how this is the foundation for who and where you are right now.

Module 3 - Recognize Reality

You thought that the previous module was scary, well you're in for a surprise! This is the scariest module. Quoting Marianne Williamson, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure". In this this module you will recognize who you really are. Here you'll learn a powerful tool to connect with your wisest self. When you do that you'll have access to infinite wisdom.

PART 2: Inner Work

Module 4 - Update your programming related to "Being Worthy"

The Ancient Toxic Programming that has run our societies for centuries has brought shame to women for their sexuality. This part of the program tells us that you are just worthy if we stay "virgin". This limits the core creative power of women in life, love and business.

Module 5 - Update your programming related to "Being Enough"

The Ancient Toxic Programming has told us that we are just lovable is we put everyone else's needs before ourselves. If we dare to do otherwise, we are "bitchy". This creates a web of codependent relationships around women and limit our ability to truly express our needs and allow love.

Module 6 - Update your programming related to "Being Wise"

The Ancient Toxic Programming forces upon us homogeneity as the path to survival. "Don't rock the boat". Our uniqueness is sinful. This keeps our wisdom restricted to inauthentic and standard forms of self-expression. This eats our hearts and destroys our businesses. 

Module 7 - Grieve for all the Pain

The Ancient Toxic Programming has been running your life up until now. It's all you have known. Letting go of it leaves an empty space in your life. It feels like something is missing. Grieving is important to let it go for good. In this module you'll learn how to grieve the lie that costed you so much pain.

PART 3: Rebuild

Module 8 - Express "Being Worthy" 

In this module you will practice living without shame or repression of desire. You will make actionable your renewed source of power. You will reclaim the ecstatic nature of life in the physical body. You will magnetize money into your life. 

Module 9 - Express "Being Enough" 

In this module you will practice self love. You will learn how to care for yourself and others, without manipulation or abuse. You will expand your ability to forgive and to deal with challenging people. You will magnetize love into your life. 

Step 10 - Express " Being Wise" 

In this module, you will practice self expression. You will reconnect with your intuition and the field of consciousness. You will expand your ability of being visible and express your truth.

PART 4: Unleashed

Module 11 - Putting  it all together

Now that the power of the ancient Toxic Programming has decreased, you get a massive surge of energy. You have many ideas of how you would like to take your life further. In this module you will draw a plan of your next chapter, integrating all your new knowledge. 

Module 12 - Close a Cycle and Open Another One

This last module we will have a celebration session to round the transformation. You'll be equipped with special tools to keep it. As you now know will power and self discipline don't work. You won't be able to keep up what you've learnt that way. These tools fail and disappoint. In this module you'll learn alternatives. You will develop sustainable routines to do what you want while being kind to yourself.


Join now and get these amazing bonuses!

After the end of the 6 months, your journey doesn't end. In fact it starts. We know that dealing with the Collective Female Trauma is an eternal challenge and that there are different levels of awakening. We will be there to support you.

Because of that we decided to extend our support for additional 6 months. Yes, Unleashed is a 12 months journey. You will receive a number of resources to support you going further,

  • 12 months access to our Unleashed learning center and online community
  • The option to participate in a small group of alumnae to embody the transformations created in this course and support each other.
  • Access to our fabulous post course bonus materials
  • Invitation to attend future course sessions to continue your transformation - for free! Our alumnae participate again at no cost, to continue to receive support on their Unleashed Journeys. 

Bonus 1
Unleashed for the next generation

Little girls must not receive the same heritage we got. We must become role models for the next generations. In this bonus masterclass, I'll give you some powerful ideas on how you can pay forward for them.

Bonus 2
Launch your

After you have diffused the power of the Collective Female Trauma in your life, you'll want to change the world with your gift. This might mean to launch a new business. That's the purpose of this bonus module. We'll talk about how to launch your lifework. 

Bonus 3
Women, Self-Worth, Money and Men

After this massive upgrade in self-worth, you'll want to improve your relationships with money and men. This module is precisely for that.

You get extraordinary support

12 months of ongoing support and guidance

Inner work doesn't happen overnight. This is a profound and challenging encounter with yourself and your past. 

Live Empathetic and Profound Mentoring

This not a cold library of recordings. We'll spend real time together. I'll be there live to accompany you as your rise and reinvent what's possible. 

and Flexible

Technology will allow you to participate from anywhere and in the time that fits your schedule.

Loving sisterhood
for life

Buddy system, breakout rooms and a secret community where you make friends for life.

Tools we'll be using

Unleashed is the product of decades of research and personal experience. With me you get the integration of unlikely elements. In one side there's a lot of western scientific research. In the other hand you have my upbringing as descendant of the great Toltecs. On top of that, you'll profit from all I learned in my own spiritual journey, how I transmuted massive trauma into my lifework and the experiences of coaching and mentoring of many women.


Intuitive Writing


Inner Child Work

Womb consciousness

Somatic Healing


Connection to nature

Sacred Geometry

Intuitive painting

Brain and heart coherence research

Toltec wisdom


How it works

We will alternate one week content and one week a group session. Every second week you'll receive a masterclass, a meditation and journaling prompts. You'll do your reflection and exercises during your daily life. 

On the other weeks we'll meet online for one hour group coaching sessions.

All content will be in an online learning platform and community interaction will happen in a secret Facebook group.


Component 1: Masterclasses

Every second week you'll receive a new video. It will contain a poignant story to provoke thought and different behavior. They will be really brief, so that you focus on that only key point during that week. All 12 challenges will be around the subject of true abundance: freedom, self-expression, pleasure, money, etc. Be prepared to expand!


Component 2: Meditation

The meditations will follow the same subject proposed by the masterclass. You know my style: The meditations will channeled. So I cannot promise anything standard. All will be inspired.


Component 3: Journaling Prompts

The Journaling Prompts will of course also be in alignment with the videos and the meditations. They will be provocations of creativity. You can answer these questions writing, but also: dancing, singing, cooking, painting, sculpting.... Their aim is to awaken your creatrix within. 


Component 4: Group Coaching Sessions

Every two weeks we will get together online and we will discuss how your progress is transforming your life. These sessions offer great insights because of the mirroring effect of working together.


Join Unleashed Today! 

6 monthly payments of


Secure Payment.

pay in full & save € 185

€ 997

Secure Payment.

Payment Methods Accepted

Need help or have questions? email us at wecare@blancavergara.com

Anything is possible once you're unleashed!

Connect yourself with an abundant lifestyle

When you are looking for a lovely, inspiring and light way to connect yourself with an abundant lifestyle and at the same time learn about why, we women, are blocking ourselves so often to money you should definitely no you MUST see Blanca!

Joia stoutjesdijk

I have already told numerous friends

I have already told numerous friends to look out for your next up-coming course. Women who I know, that carry around the burden of shame and guilty because either their bodies disappointment throughout the years, leaving them feeling useless and a lesser being or women who allow others to steal their power. You have such a gift in delivering content that all these women can relate to and learn from..

audrey dickinson

You will make a positive impact on your own life

Blanca is authentic and her course is peppered with her own experience. It is an intense and very demanding four weeks - don't think of this as a 'lightweight' offering. The research is impressive - go to it with an intention to use what you learn, and you won't mind doing it, because her evidence base is huge. If you do half of what she recommends, you will make a positive impact on your own life.

sreela banerjee

Do this course

If you want to know deep seeded thought structures that have influenced us negatively in our being as women, has stopped us from being ourselves, and want to change this. Do this course.

juri geerman

More happiness and abundance into my life!

This course gave me lots of insights on why particularly us women might have abundance blocks and how to "get rid of them". Many aha-moments! I started shifting my thinking and allowed more happiness and abundance into my life!

therese blom

Extremely valuable content and authentic approach

For me this was definitely one of the best abundance courses. Extremely valuable content and authentic approach. I really felt the connection with you while doing the course.

Krasimira Noncheva

Our bigger mission 

My mom died without publishing her poems. "Who do you think you are?" controlled all her life to her last breath. 

My daughter is watching. 

What to do? Continue perpetuating the limiting beliefs in all future generations?

This has to stop. Now we have neuroscience, brain and heart coherence research, quantum physics, epigenetics and more.

I dream of a group of committed and courageous women who dare to practice living their truth together. I see a circle of powerful goddesses raising, illuminating and creating the future. True abundance becoming the new normal in their lives and in the lives of anyone who comes in contact with them. 

Let's make this dream a reality! Join us!

Read this carefully!

Unleashed has a no refund policy.

I believe that guarantees offer an excuse for people to give up - it's for those who don't take action. For people who sit on their hands and wonder why nothing’s changing. 

If that’s you, you’re in the wrong place, and I wish you all the best.


Unleashed is packed full of value but you need to step up and take advantage of what you get. 

guarantee that for 12 months, Unleashed will provide all that you need to transform your inner landscape, if you put your hand up, ask questions in the community, and take advantage of the bi weekly coaching call.  

guarantee you’ll have all the support, structure, direction, accountability, and advice you need to overcome your challenges and reach your goals. 

All you need to do is show up, and dare to dig deep

If you can do that, you can have it all — whatever that means for you

Now having said all that...

Unleashed is definitely NOT for everyone!

Unleashed is not a superficial course. It approaches money and the feminine like no other course our there.

But is definitely not for everyone.

If you're looking for the magic bullet to get rich quick, Unleashed is not for you.

Unleashed is designed to guide you in an inner exploration and transformation journey. So if you are out for a magic bullet, keep looking.

If you are ready to start living your strengths and passions and you're willing to put the necessary courage and effort (yes there's that!) to allow abundance, then this is for you.

A year from today you could be where you are today.

Or you could be living your dream.

The opportunity to finally embody the highest expression of yourself, the one who,

  • no longer pushes herself beyond her limits, but magnetizes all with ease and joy
  • no longer loses herself in "saving" others, but has life giving relationships
  • no longer needs to choose between making money and honoring her soul, but is making an impact in the world

This is your moment.

The time to take action is now.

Imagine waking up tomorrow with calm certainty of all your power, taking calm and confident action towards who you want to be. To know that your dream life is now, because you're no longer believing the lies of the programming. 

I believe that anything is possible. And once we've spent 12 months together, you will too. 

See you inside,

Join Unleashed NOW!

Doors will close in:


You missed out!

choose the payment option that best suits you: 

6 monthly payments of


Secure Payment.

pay in full & save € 185

€ 997

Secure Payment.

Payment Methods Accepted

Need help or have questions? email us at wecare@blancavergara.com

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