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Money Mindset | Monthly Brain Reconditioning Session

Move Your Money Mindset from Hell to Heaven

For centuries the thoughts and judgments associated to women and money have been very disempowering. ​​​Women have embedded in their DNA centuries of limiting beliefs that stop them from speaking up, especially regarding money. This ancient programming has been inherited from our ancestors for many generations.

We are in luck!  We are in the day and age that ​a new woman is emerging. Moreover modern scientific research (epigenetics, quantum physics, and neuroscience) gives us the tools and methods to embody this new liberating and graceful archetype.

With this in mind I created the Money Mindset, Monthly Brain Reconditioning Session. In these sessions you ​will transmute ​your inner non supportive beliefs (especially those related to money) into the fire that will fuel ​your business to higher levels of impact and joy. 

​In my last session with Blanca, she helped me to understand and overcome my fears. I didn’t know where to start, but she guided me during the process. It was an amazing experience, and the results surprised me. She has an especial ability to interpret the signs and create magic moments.

​Marta Pedrouzo

Master Your Money Mindset | Two Day Retreat

Tame the inner Dragon that clouds your vision and allow wild wealth to flow


Money Mindset Mastermind | ​8 month venture accelerator

9 months exclusive Mastermind to master massive momentum


Counter intuitive ideas for more joy & success 

Private Mentoring with Blanca