Soul and Business Services

Seasonal Tuning

Create a powerful business strategy and personal growth agenda

  • Clarity and focus on your true priorities
  • 100% courage and motivation: no more self-editing and self-censoring
  • Tune into this season’s energy of harvest and take action on your plan
  • 20x higher chance of achieving your vision


Blanca’s autumn planning session was a revelation and brought me clarity about my purpose and intention in the coming months. By guided questions it made me realize what it is that I want to keep and what I want to change and get rid of. It has eliminated a lot of stress and lifted a weight off my shoulders because I understood what I wanted and needed to do the coming period and I had a good planning. Thank you Blanca.

Violeta van Engeldorp Gastelaars - Trademark Attorney, Viesean

If you are always trying to be normal,
you will never see how amazing you can be. Maya Angelou

Bloom Mastermind

Miracles are materialized dreams. When you’re given a dream, there is excitement and a sense of possibility. We’re given all that’s needed to make these dreams become a reality.

However,  we cannot always keep the initial spark alive. We easily fall back into old patterns. We lose faith. The dream becomes dormant and slowly fades away. We inundate ourselves with day to day tasks that bear little meaning to us. We waste our precious life on this Planet.

But what happens when you’re held by a community in your creative journey? When resistance (procrastination, fear, “this has never worked for me before”,…) shows up, there is a loving community to cheerlead you to keep going. There is relief, support and belief.

Hizell Regalado - Creative Mindset Booster

You take action. More resistance and fear attack you. More community support will hold you. You shift your identity to become the one who deserves. You learn to allow. This is the point where reality bends. Your dream falls effortlessly into your lap. Then you witness the miracle and the power of your own soul.

This is how in the Bloom Mastermind we magnetize miracles.

You already know what your dream is!

Whatever your dream is…

Whether it is specific (business, health, or love)

Or you’re simply looking to find Grace, Joy and Delight in your day to day.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you. Robin Sharma.

VIP Coaching

You already have a solid foundation. You are ready to fast track your business and expand your life

I enjoy working with fellow soul-preneurs directly as a mentor. After working with me:

  • you'll have the clarity, confidence and courage to transform your business and your life in the direction of your new vision. We'll be working on your mindset: your beliefs, values, fears and paradigms
  • you'll have a clear and powerful strategy that will allow you to adapt and change best tactics as the environment requires. In other words, you'll have both speed and strength. We'll be defining here your ideal client, the transformation that you provide and how to better communicate that into the market
  • you'll have a methodology that will allow you to revisit your business and life strategy when necessary
  • you'll have the tools and techniques that will allow you implement your strategy and get it ALL done, including the lifestyle you design and you deserve

Why this photo?
Schumpeter's Creative Destruction! I love smashing limiting beliefs by aligned and joyful action.

  • Preparation assignments
  • 12 months 1:1 coaching
  • 2 sessions per month
  • Access to all my online programs
  • One spot in my mastermind

Investment is 10,000 euros

Are you ready to drop the struggle and
unleash your radiance and impact?

But, not sure how?