The 3 lies that keep attracting toxic people into your life and how to transform them into authentic power

discover how to Master self confidence as a female leader in any work environment

9 June 2021

21:00  CET / 15:00 EDT


You missed out!

Your gifts at the end of this workshop:

Take your Power Back

Experience a sense of relief, energy and possibility that you had forgotten existed.

Know what to do Next

You'll have the mental clarity to make choices that truly serve you.

Discover how never to fall in this situation again

Learn how deal with future bullies with power and ease.

expand Your Self Concept and sense of possibility

When you feel the magnificence of who you truly are the need for settling and pleasing others will lift. With that you'll be massively magnetic to all the success and joy you've been dreaming of.

This Workshop is for you if you

Are determined to reclaim your authentic feminine power back in order to break free of limiting relationships

Endures a toxic work environment, where bullying is not rare

Is repeating habits and thoughts that are not productive, yet cannot change them

When she thinks about her family history (known or not) feels it limiting

Has already tried several solutions (meditation, leadership courses, ….) and nothing seems to work

Is highly educated, yet continuously second guess yourself and your capabilities

Are you ready to welcome your magnificence

Hi, I'm Blanca, 

After 20 years leadership experience in male dominated industries, I support women on their internal challenges to unapologetically show up 100% as leaders.

I became a spiritual teacher after a very rational education (MBA/MSc). I spent intense, challenging and miraculous years reconnecting with my childhood education in ancient Toltec wisdom and the gifts of a near death experience. I went from depressed, anxious and traumatized to a joyful and purposeful.

Having healed traumas caused by mental illness, abuse and narcissism in my own family, I manifested the life of my dreams: traveling the world, meeting my soul mate, 2 beautiful and amazing kids, the best health ever, and most importantly creating a work that makes my soul sing: helping women heal themselves.

I would like to share my secrets with you so you can break the chain of what's running in your family and write a new dream life chapter starting now!

with love,

Discover Unshakeable Self-Belief

When you join us you'll experience the power of ancestral wisdom healing so you can see what is possible for you when you release your limiting self concept and step into full confidence. 

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