Retreat for Female entrepreneurs
who are called to raise global consciousness

Unlock Your

Feminine Advantage

Break free from the scarcity and hustle
effortlessly magnetize your next level

Amsterdam, July 21-23, 2023

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You missed out!

Are you...

  • Searching for more meaning in life
  • Looking for a mind-body reset
  • Ready to refill your cup
  • Experiencing a life transition
  • Deepening your spiritual awakening
  • Craving a healthier, happier life

If you are feeling stuck and tired, you will return home with an uplifting sense of well-being, energy and joy in just 3 days

You deserve

  • Time for yourself, away from the busyness and unending demands
  • Space to rest, relax, rejuvenate and reflect
  • Remembering who you are at a deep core level
  • Reconnecting with what your body and soul need, crave and deserve
  • An opportunity to fill your cup first
  • A deeper understanding of your purpose on this planet
  • Deep restoration of body, mind and soul
  • Like-minded women open and willing to learn and grow
  • A safe place to explore dreams and possibilities
  • A safe place to let go of things holding you back
  • An opportunity to lead by example by putting yourself first

What you can expect after

  • Feel at peace
  • Trust in your own vision and authority
  • Release scarcity and panic
  • Experience a boost in confidence
  • Shift from protecting your Little Me to embodying the Wise Woman Within
  • Every decision will be more intentional, based on your own authority, not on what "they" say or expect
  • Your family will notice your ease and peacefulness
  • You’ll be more present with your children, your spouse, your friends, your community
  • Deepening and expanding in your intimate relationship
  • Clarity and focus will allow you to get more by doing less
  • You will return home refreshed and re-energized
  • People will respect you more because they will see the love and respect you have for yourself

Not your average women retreat

What to expect

Life and Business visioning

What do your REALLY want? We'll hep you discover that. From personal healing to learning to move past fear, this retreat will help you  leave struggle behind, define your goals and get allow all your longing in your life.

Serene location

Stadsoase Naar Zee is a beautiful, quiet location directly on the IJmeer.  Through the many large windows you have a great view of the water and the lighthouse.  The pleasant atmosphere at Naar Zee makes everything you do there easier. You are at work but also a bit on vacation.

Daily Meditation & Yin Yoga 

Tap into the power of Regenerative Meditation, our signature practice relying on impromptu downloads and inspirations, to heal the past, cultivate calm, compassion and clarity. 

Experience mindful movement through daily Yin Yoga classes blending traditional wisdom and modern wellness techniques to promote inner peace, improved flexibility and increased strength.  You do NOT need to be an experienced yogi to enjoy this!

1-1 Heart to Heart With Blanca

After the retreat and after completing a short questionnaire, you will meet Blanca for 60 minutes consultation. Together you will create a personalized whole life plan based on your unique and specific needs to unlock lasting transformation


Nourish your body with clean, locally sourced vegan meals. These light an savory meals are specially designed so you can leave feeling better than ever.

Level 3 conversations

Connection, community and support in a safe, embracing and confidential space


Reconnect with your own wisdom through art.

The quieter you become,
the more you can hear

Ram Dass

Meet your guide

Hi beautiful, I'm Blanca,

I'm not your traditional coach. I have merged my ancestral Toltec background with my MBA, my artistic passion with my M.Sc. in IT, esoteric knowledge with practical business, my passion for motherhood with my joy for weightlifting....

to help women like you reclaim their Divine Feminine identity and reconcile with the masculine energy, to effortlessly receive ALL they crave and deserve.

After many years of manifesting miracles, through trial and error, I've concluded that there is a deceivingly simple powerful way for women.

An this is precisely the system that I'm going to be sharing with you in this brand new experience. 

At a glance


  • Lectures, Q&A, writing and discussions
  • Guided meditations & visualizations
  • Yin Yoga
  • Art Healing exercises
  • Dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday
  • Fruit, teas and filtered water during all the retreat

Where & when

When: July 21 - 23, 2023

Where: Ijburg, Amsterdam

practical Tips

  • Wear comfortable clothing. We'll move a lot!
  • bring your favorite pens and pencils. There will be a lot to write and draw


Daily schedule (subject to modifications)


From 18:00 to 22:00

Welcome Dinner and introduction session

Please wear comfortable clothing for this session as there will be some gentle movement involved


From 9:00 am to 17:00

  • Movement and breathing
  • lecture
  • meditation
  • lunch
  • movement and breathing
  • lecture
  • meditation


From 9:00 am to 13:00

  • Movement and breathing
  • lecture
  • meditation
  • Goodbyes

This course is an invitation to reconnect with yourself and uncover what is most important and valuable for you at this very moment. Then, you’re empowered to lay out the foundation of becoming what you aspire to be, and create guardrails around your accountability towards yourself. It is liberating to truly experience how we are fully in charge of our life experience.

Coralie Thomas, Finance, Nike

Definitely join the course it anticipates your questions and provides you with purposeful tools and a way to have compassion for your very human very normal challenges.

Genevive Quirck, PhD

What an amazing course! Highly recommended if you want to put the (feminine) flow back into your life! Blanca's energy is SOOO amazing and she has a vast knowledge that she abundantly shares in the course to make our lives more beautiful, successful and flowing. Loved it! Thank you so much Blanca!  

Danguole Livinkaite, MBA

This is a powerful and unique sisterhood community. You need to invest and do the exercises, but that is how you grow and learn what you want, who you are and where you are and what you should do to heal and grow and realize your dreams. The coach organizer is a unique wise and strong woman who is able to listen and to give the right advice. The connection with the other participants/sisters makes it unique. You finally understand the strength of the feminine and can express yourself, and tell your story in all confidence without feeling judged or weak. It was a great, powerful and positive experience.

Evita Van Genderen, Lawyer

The sisterhood, the sharing, the loving embrace, the patience, the encouragement. What woman wouldn't want to be in a place like this? How many women out there are still living in the corporate arena trying to fight the uphill battle not knowing they don't need to fight? I am so grateful to the universe for bestowing in me this treasure created by Blanca.

Fabiola Garay, Senior Operations Manager

It's important to have a sister group who supports you. For your trust in woman. It's a concrete check up in where you are in life and where you want to go to, and how.

Daphne Gakes, Actress

This is an ideal program if you see yourself working in progress to be the best version of yourself just like me. Regardless of where you're standing right now and which life challenges you're coping with, Blanca teaches you the fundamental principles, stages and guidelines of leveling up your life. As an excellent entrepreneur and soul mentor, she guides you to be present with your difficult emotions and find ease along with your journey. I love her authenticity, transparency and generosity while sharing her private and professional knowledge and experience by heart-and-soul with compassion. I strongly recommend her programs and services. Thank you, Sweet Soul Sister, Blanca!
Sumru Inal, Relationship Coach

Rise up

Unlock Your
Feminine Advantage

Press Pause in your Busy Life, Gain a Broad View on What's Truly Important NOW and Contemplate Conscious Shifts Towards a Life that Feels Luscious to Your Soul

Amsterdam, July 21-23, 2023

  • Remember who you really are
  • Reconnect with your body and soul
  • Awaken the Wise Woman Within
  • Role model self care
  • Meet friends for life
  • Let go of what holds you back



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