Level Up
without being one of the boys

Reinvent Yourself Successful The Feminine Way

August 2nd - August 29th, 2021

Course Enrollments close on August 1th 2021

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You missed out!

You are Called to Level Up

We are all in a huge life transition. We are all given the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and the entire world. We are invited to raise our consciousness and literally invent a new future for humanity.

Now it’s a good time to make a pause and strategize your best next move to build a life in your very own terms.

I know you. You are an intelligent and hard working business woman. You lead a team. You have the letters after your name.

Many would call you successful, not you. You feel a subtle, yer undeniable shift in your energy. The career or business that used to excite you no longer does. You are tired, very tired of being though and tired. You're done with senseless projects and even conversations.

Your inner voice is calling you to play bigger. Your intuition is inviting you to go towards your dreams, to build a whole life on your own terms. You want the whole enchilada: career growth, financial success, PLUS health, joy  and delicious intimacy.

You wonder how could this be possible NOW when you are so busy, plus the business uncertainty is so high. You also doubt yourself: "will I be able to do it?", "I'm not good enough to _______ (open a business, become CEO, write a book...)".

Yet, your little voice keeps calling you. You know that you're at crossroads.
This is the time to make new decisions, take new risks.
A new and 100% you life is waiting.

You toy with the idea of
  • going for that big promotion
  • finally becoming your own boss
  • travel the world or moving abroad
  • studying that PhD
  • you are so busy already!
  • FEAR: of success, of failure, of something you cannot even mention
  • it's safe to remain "undiscovered"
Your have all you need to level up

There is another level with your name on it


embodying your own magnificence
  • Glowing:  being so radiant that it's undeniable!
  • Ease: Achieving "impossible" goals with ease and joy
  • Making your life purpose your new career or business
  • Visible: Feeling safe expressing your truth
  • Joy: Playing with your favorite kind of people
  • Loving deeply the woman on the mirror
in this course you will
  • Discover the roadmap from an ordinary to an extraordinary life and how to find your place in it
  • Redefine what success is for you now, after releasing previous less empowering notions of it
  • Revisit your authentic, yet forgotten strengths and delights
  • Walk out with a plan that will make your heart and mind sing together

I'm doing things now that I had dreamed about. Seeing them become reality and enjoying the company of some beautiful people that I met along the way is really living life at its fullest. Funny, the lock-down restricts us, but somehow I feel like working with Blanca allows me to expand beyond my limits. 

Highly recommended!

Marjolein Mosmans

Hi, I'm Blanca 

The first chapter of my life was all about being a success in the masculine way. I was a successful executive: the poster perfect girl of "Women to the Top". I was the "man" for the job: MBA, engineer, languages, leadership experience, business results...

Yet there was something big missing. My body knew it. There was no joy at work, and there was no joy outside work either. 

At the lowest level of thirst for true meaning and impact, I quit my corporate career and dived into an extraordinary journey. It transformed my into a successful entrepreneur, a happy mother and woman in love. Most importantly it unleashed a version of my self that's whole: unapologetic for all those quirks that don't "fit" in the "boys clubs", honoring my ancestry and my femininity. 

Now I'm paying it forward to other women just like I was 20 years ago. In this course I give you the map of that extraordinary journey. So that you can choose your best next step to build a life free of regrets, 100% on your own terms.

See you inside!


Your video made me cry because it is so much what I need right now and your presence is like a balm, like a mother guiding a child to go forth with all this wisdom and to create her own way.

Love to you,

Marie Louise Williams

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