Awakening POWERHOUSE Women  


From F.I.N.E. to Flow

4 week exquisite journey to unmask the lies on how a female leader "should" be (says who!)

4 -31 July, 2022


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Here is where undervaluing yourself ends

Here is where undervaluing yourself ends

and your consciously ecstatic life begins

Do any of these resonate? 

  • Has the promise of a glamorous career become the boring reality of a less than exciting BS job? or worse a job where your values and your voice are not honored?
  • Are you tired of seeing your health, your relationships and your happiness taking a back seat to your career job?
  • Have you done the therapy, practiced the yoga, read the book, but nothing seems to give you that sense of control that you crave? Life is living you.
  • You feel close to a breaking point, but you're so tired and maxed out that you cannot add anything else?



  • Fulfilled and proud for your accomplishments
  • In control of your day to day
  • Present for your loved ones
  • Having free time to BREATHE, imagine and create
  • Feeling vibrant and alive

Isn't this the life you've been working so hard for?

So why do you keep saying YES

when you know you should say NO?


Our biggest fear is how powerful we are

For 12,000 years the world has been afraid of feminine power. When our grandmothers tried to embody it they were called witches, crazy and worse. 

So, now we have become afraid of ourselves (and of each other). To fit in the system we wear the armor of university titles and corporate jargon. We pretend that all the truly feminine doesn't exist: intuition, sensuality, softness... We hide our vulnerability, our hot flashes and our blood. We say we are FINE, else "they" may think we're weak, like our moms.

We don't avoid being our mom, by pretending we are our dad

It's now high time to reconnect with that feminine ancestral wisdom that is our treasure and true power. Let us meet the Goddess!

This is why I created this 4 week journey!

The 4 week Full You journey includes

  • 4 weekly inner exploration workshops with Blanca where you'll actually do the work. Released weekly, starting on the 4th of July.
  • 4 Live one hour Heart to Heart sessions every Thursday from 20:00 to 21:00 CET. Starting on the 7th of July.
  • Access to the workshop recordings fro 12 months in our learning platform
  • Private community to network with other women and go deeper on the learnings (It won't be on Facebook!)

Don't just take my word for it

This course is an invitation to reconnect with yourself and uncover what is most important and valuable for you at this very moment. Then, you’re empowered to lay out the foundation of becoming what you aspire to be, and create guardrails around your accountability towards yourself. It is liberating to truly experience how we are fully in charge of our life experience.

Coralie Thomas, Finance, Nike

Definitely join the course it anticipates your questions and provides you with purposeful tools and a way to have compassion for your very human very normal challenges.

Genevive Quirck, PhD

What an amazing course! Highly recommended if you want to put the (feminine) flow back into your life! Blanca's energy is SOOO amazing and she has a vast knowledge that she abundantly shares in the course to make our lives more beautiful, successful and flowing. Loved it! Thank you so much Blanca!  

Danguole Livinkaite, MBA

This is a powerful and unique sisterhood community. You need to invest and do the exercises, but that is how you grow and learn what you want, who you are and where you are and what you should do to heal and grow and realize your dreams. The coach organizer is a unique wise and strong woman who is able to listen and to give the right advice. The connection with the other participants/sisters makes it unique. You finally understand the strength of the feminine and can express yourself, and tell your story in all confidence without feeling judged or weak. It was a great, powerful and positive experience.

Evita Van Genderen, Lawyer

The sisterhood, the sharing, the loving embrace, the patience, the encouragement. What woman wouldn't want to be in a place like this? How many women out there are still living in the corporate arena trying to fight the uphill battle not knowing they don't need to fight? I am so grateful to the universe for bestowing in me this treasure created by Blanca.

Fabiola Garay, Senior Operations Manager

It's important to have a sister group who supports you. For your trust in woman. It's a concrete check up in where you are in life and where you want to go to, and how.

Daphne Gakes, Actress

This is an ideal program if you see yourself working in progress to be the best version of yourself just like me. Regardless of where you're standing right now and which life challenges you're coping with, Blanca teaches you the fundamental principles, stages and guidelines of leveling up your life. As an excellent entrepreneur and soul mentor, she guides you to be present with your difficult emotions and find ease along with your journey. I love her authenticity, transparency and generosity while sharing her private and professional knowledge and experience by heart-and-soul with compassion. I strongly recommend her programs and services. Thank you, Sweet Soul Sister, Blanca!
Sumru Inal, Relationship Coach

Meet your mentor, Blanca Vergara MBA MSc

High tech executive turned Aztec Shaman

Blanca is a woman on a mission: to accelerate the emergence of the Heart Centered Economy by helping POWERHOUSE women swap the empty chase for external approval for a FULL LIFE without regrets. 

Blanca I believes that the world is afraid of powerful women, and that powerful women are afraid of themselves. When we start honoring our bodies, our emotions and our stories, we will unleash the powerful change agents we truly are. 

Since 2007 Blanca has helped hundreds of female founders and executives. Her insights on feminine leadership have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Thrive Global and the Sigrun Show. 

As the recipient of several awards, author of multiple books, and in demand speaker, she has inspired thousands of people on stages all over the world. Her clients have included ABN AMRO, Johnson & Johnson, and Nike.

You can find her online at, writing her forthcoming book, or cycling the streets of Amsterdam with her husband, her son, and her daughter.

See you inside!


Expect to be blown-away

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