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Envision and design the coming decade.  Connect with your most extraordinary life for the decade ahead. 


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This beautiful, enriching, and illuminating resource is for individuals who are interested in personal growth, spiritual development, higher wisdom and anyone wanting to harness the power of their awareness to surpass their limits with greater ease and speed.


Stop judging and self-sabotaging your life. Includes checklist of sabotaging thoughts


The Sacred Space & Future Meditation is designed to connect you to your future self, to that part of you that is worthy, free, abundant, creative and joyful.


Let's get you on a journey of transforming your Inner Assholes (like Anxiety, Voice of Doubt, Inner Critic, and Impostor) into Allies. Dive deep into these waters of wisdom, wit, and words where getting ALIGNED makes you feel like the winner in a game you may not even have realized you were playing!

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this is for women who
  • Want to boost their leadership impact: team or community building, influencing, developing people
  • Are longing for change: motivated to overhaul their industry or their area of expertise
  • Value their own personal and professional development
  • Feel called to grow, support and lead together with other women

My mission is to accelerate the emergence of the Heart Centered Economy through awakening the Divine Feminine

Hi, I'm Blanca Vergara,

For over 10 years, I've helped professional women let go of lives of overwhelm, senselessness and hustle into a delicious lives full of meaning, joy and grace.

Of course I've done that journey myself.

I grew up in a world of perfectionism and massive action. Follow that path brought me "success" and of course burnout and heartache.

I have found my way back to joy, but not without impact and power.

And it all started with me daring to level up my vision what was possible for me. Now I want to help you do the same!

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