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Are you a professional with great talents and great ambition, wanting more?

Become A Better Me In 100 Days

Have you ever wonder any of the following?

  • So many ideas cross my mind, how do I pick the best one and get started?
  • How do I keep enthusiasm high and procrastination away?
  • With children and very little time, how can I make the most of it?
  • I spin my wheels and can't get any traction. I work very hard, but I don't get fast in any area of my life.
  • I would like to ____________, but _____________________.
If you feel identified with these statements, you are in the right place. Discover the path towards radical personal transformation: A Better Me in 100 Days Program.

What is the A Better Me In 100 Days Program?

It's your path towards creating, selling, exercising, in fact doing all that you thought impossible.

Blanca Vergara


My name is Blanca Vergara. I've created this program based on my experience taking people from hopeless situations into ​lives of empowerment, contribution and possibility. I've combined in this program cutting edge knowledge on high performance, tough love and accountability. At the end of this training,

  • You would have achieved an "impossible" result
  • Changed your mental and action habit
  • Rewired your brain, owning the mindset of the rainmakers
  • Radically transform your life. Other things you wanted to change in your life will start happening with surprising ease.

What exactly am I getting in the A Better Me In 100 Days Program?

Knowledge Update

Get access to the"A Better Me" 8 one hour master classes available on your phone, tablet and desktop.

Brain Rewiring

You will receive 100 Daily Brain Changing Emails from me to energize you and get you in action.

Community Support

You'll have access to Six Mastermind Calls with all the A Better Me Community.


Your ticket to my LIVE A Better Me Retreat, in Amsterdam.

Bring your spouse for a reduced fee.

Your own signed copy of Unstoppable You.

You'll tell me: "Yes, Blanca, that's really cool for you and your successful people, BUT it is not for me because..."

I don't know what to do

This is the number one reason that keeps us stuck. We think that we need to know what is the perfect subject of our book before we can write. We think we need to know what is the perfect business model before we can start our business. Nothing further from the truth. 

You do know what you want. You just need to claim it. You don't need to wait to receive a vision of what you want. You need to allow yourself to embrace what you already see. You have been already given that vision. Moreover, that vision will become clearer to you as you move. Staying in the couch will not bring clarity. It will bring stagnation and lack of self-belief. You need to act before you are ready.

AND you know what! The very first thing that we'll do in the A Better Me Program is to claim our vision. I'll share with you some powerful exercises and stories that will allow you to once and for all dare to make this important claim. Just doing so will allow you to move. Once you move, you'll find your next best step and the next one and the next one. Once you move, you'll have momentum, self-belief and all will be easier. 

I don't know how to do it

This was my number one saboteur. I don't know how to write. I don't know how to sell. I don't know how to speak. I don't know how to coach. I needed one course and another one, and another book, and another course. I was never ready with the how.

Knowledge is useless until you act upon it. The more you analyze, the more paralyzed you'll be. This program is geared towards action. Will you make mistakes and take the "wrong" action? YES! What will happen with that? Well, you'll learn. You won't repeat that mistake. You'll take action again more intelligently. Every time, you'll take action, you'll learn more and more. Every time you'll take action, you will become your own role model, who is not afraid of not knowing how, because you will be learning, growing and expanding.

So I ended up "knowing" many techniques that never worked, because I never used them. I never took action. Guess what? I didn't know them, until I put them into practice.

Do you think that Edison stopped with his project of the incandescent light because he didn't know how! On the contrary, because he didn't know is the very reason why he kept going. Not knowing how is never a good reason to wait. Not knowing is the best reason to start taking action.

In this program you will learn to love failure, mistakes, and imperfection. Those are the huge gems of life. We'll be learning to expand our limits through play, just like when we were children. Do children stop learning to walk because they don't know how? Hell, no! They stand up and try again and again and again.

I don't have time

Have you heard yourself? Where are those ideas coming from? Those are the thoughts that keep you away from your best life. We always have time for what is important. Isn't it time to give yourself that gift? Isn't it time to make your goals a priority?

This program will totally change the way you see time. It will teach you how to have more of it (yes! you can have more time) and how to use that time to your best advantage.

So if you don't have time, this is precisely the right path for you to have finally time.

Imagine How Life Would Be Without "BUT"

Imagine to be free to create, to sell, to exercise, to try everything you thought impossible. How would your life be?

You Have a Dream! Make It Happen!

Financial Abundance

Enjoy Great Health

Write Your Book

Start Your Own Business

It doens't matter what kind of dream you have: more money, a lean body, your book, open your own business, improve your relationships.... the underlying reasons why you haven't made it happen are,

  • ​Destructive Mental Habits
  • Self Defeating Action Habits
  • Non Supportive Community

What if you could change these 3 with just one action? Well, this is your opportunity. This program is designed to help you let go of those 3 bad boys and welcome what you actually need:

  • A Better Mindset
  • Better Habits
  • Better Community
  • Ultimately a better YOU

These will allow you to create radical results fast. By learning and applying ALL the strategies I suggest in the A Better Me Program you can achieve more in 3 months than most people do in 10 years. I know this is a bold claim, but I'm confident these techniques will workout for you as well, no matter what your goal is.

No matter if you want to generate more customers, or get in excellent shape or finally open your​ own business; you will need to learn to believe in yourself, adopt better habits and have a group of supporters. That will make you take action. Once you start moving, you'll conquer your inertia. Newton said it: An object in motion, remains in motion. Once in motion, you could apply all the hacks to speed up your process. Then you'll move even faster. Then you'll be in a virtuous cycle of self creation and unstoppability.

Knowledge Update: Master Classes
Up Level Your Skills

A Better Me Master Classes

There are many misconceptions about high performance. Like the idea that perfectionism, hard work or busyness are qualities to aspire to. During the Master Classes, you'll have access to my distillation of many books and studies. As I'm fascinated with the subject, I've read and tested a lot. Here you'll have the best of the best to get results fast. They will be filled up with the latest, most effective and easily implementable knowledge and tools to generate your personal breakthrough. All of them will give you actionable steps to keep you on track so you consistently grow in achievement and happiness and move closer to your goals.

Master Class 1: Your Personal Mount Everest

This the elephant in the room no one wants to see. The number one problem you are struggling with right now is figuring out where to start.

I will guide you with my own "Personal Mount Everest" assessment to observe your individual situation. So that you'll finally be able to identify what matters most to you NOW. This renewed clarity will allow you to choose a destination and to make a plan to achieve it.

Your Personal Mount Everest is the key to mastery in life. Without it it's impossible to build the motivation, let alone the results that we so desire. With this clarity you will be able to see, truly see your future. It will be a vision that will make you wake up every morning and do whatever it takes.

At the end of this Master Class you'll be able to sign your Mont Everest Integrity Pledge. This will be your personal claim for your very own future. This is the first step in this journey. By taking it your success will be unavoidable.

Master Class 2: Your Treasure Map

Making a plan for any project has become an almost impossible task these days. We live in highly uncertain and complex times. We need to plan in radically different way. In this Master Class,  I will be sharing with you a very innovative way to build your road-map towards your goal, whether it's making more money, improving your health or writing your book.

My approach to planning will include your whole mind and body. It will include the use of your intuition and your most analytical abilities. It will include your most positive self and your most critical and negative self. Using this approach will make you feel powerful and guided in this volatile and ambiguous world.

You will love this content because here you'll start seeing with great clarity how possible your goal is for you. The path towards your destiny will be illuminated, ready for you to walk it.

Master Class 3: The Unleash Your Audacious You Blueprint

Your current results are not the problem. They are the result of what is going on inside you. Stopping those saboteurs in your mind will lead you to the life you always wanted.  The Unleash Your Audacious You Blueprint is designed precisely for that. We'll be taming your monkey mind here. We'll be healing you from the "BUT illness".

Using this 5-step success system, you can make huge changes in every area of your life. Nothing is off limits. This blueprint has been used among others to start a business, radical career changes, get in shape and overcoming shininess. I wonder what amazing changes it will create in your life!

Master Class 4: The Masterpiece Day Process

Can you imagine the cumulative effect of having perfect days every single day for years? Your success and fulfillment will be certain.

This is exactly what I'll teach you here. I'll be sharing with you how you could make a masterpiece of every day of your life. I've distilled the best practices of the most successful and fulfilled people in the planet. There is a pattern and I'll be sharing it here with you. ​

One of the most powerful, yet simple act you can take is to build a morning practice. This will shift your entire day, in fact your entire life. Here I'll show you how.​

Here you'll discover the secret to create a to-do list that will motivate you and energize you. You will also learn my top scheduling hacks to increase 10X your productivity.

Master Class 5: The Key to All You Want

A huge number of scientific studies corroborate that using this success mindset is the key to profound happier and great performance.

This is a fundamental belief we held: how we see ourselves. When we change this essence, ALL will follow.

Master Class 6: Habit Building

Are you tired of sticking to habits you know are bad for you? Do you want to build new, positive habits into your life?

You're not alone. Many of us struggle with incorporating new habits into our lives because we don't know what the best way to go about it is.  It seems that we are slave of them. They rule our life.

This master class will give you a holistic approach to habit building by sharing the science behind what energizes us and makes us our most productive. You will learn what are the components of habits and how to manage them to change them. You'll understand the role that willpower and mind sets have in this challenge. After this master class you'll have the tools to let go of non supportive habits and welcome powerful new ones.

Master Class 7: Optimize Your Body

Do you feel like you are running out of energy all the time?

Your body is the vehicle that will allow you (or prevent you) from actually doing all you want to do. There are so very terrible ways to decrease your energy, accelerate your aging and destroy your productivity. The most horrible is that they are so very common: work hard, never rest, sleep very little, bad stress, drink stimulants and the list goes on.  Sometimes our habits work against our human nature or who we are.

In this module, I'll share with you the most important changes you need to make regarding your most valuable productivity tool: your body. We'll talk about sleep, food, good stress, drink, exercise and more. We'll talk about how to schedule your day to be massively productive, accurate, effective while increasing your health, expanding your life expectancy and most of all enjoying life.

Master Class 8: NO

NO is the most powerful productivity tool. However we don't use it as often as we should or could. We want to be accommodating. We want to be nice. We want to be pleasant. We want to be professional. We want to take all opportunities.

We need to unlearn a lot on the subject of when to say NO. We'll explore here the negative impact that this has in your life, in your productivity, in your finances and in your health. We'll explore what are all the benefits you will get when you start using this powerful tool. Finally we'll explore the practicalities of it: how do say no, what do to with those things that should be out of your agenda, but still need to get done.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“The needle can be moved for everyone who wants to "give it a go" and live fearlessly.”

“Blanca has a creative, original, interesting, highly generative mind that always keeps pushing the boundaries of the unknown of human existence, embodying the change that the world needs to see, opening windows if the door is closed. She is proving the needle can be moved for everyone who wants to 'give it a go' and live fearlessly. Her enthusiastic originality is contagious!

Jeroen Brons
- Takamo Biogas, Kenya

Brain Rewiring

Three Months of Daily Motivation

Rewiring your brain requires a series of simple, small acts every day. Once you start changing your mind, updating those non-supportive beliefs, mental powers you will stop settling for less​, you will see that closing the gap between your current results and your greatest potential is what you are here for, even more that is exciting and possible.

Get ready to blow out old beliefs hanging out in your mind with daily resilience exercises.

Research has shown it takes, on average, 66 days to form a new habit. This has debunked the idea that after 21 days any habit would be automatic in your life. You need more time to actually internalize the habit. Because of that, we won't support you for 21 days, or for 66 days, but for 100 days.

Every day for 100 days I will send you a daily email filled with inspiration and some simple assignment or challenge. This will increase your awareness on something important that day. These emails will invite you to take on daily courageous action for your expansion. They will help you implement what you have learned, apply it towards your goals and make those new habits stick. 

They are a mix of encouragement, strict discipline, and relentless action and a strong sense of urgency to keep you performing at the very top or your abilities. These messages have proven to be miraculous in the lives of participants and I'm certain that you'll receive the perfect message at the perfect time. ​

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Blanca has helped me open up a new path.”

“Blanca has helped open up a new path for me and given me the permission I needed to give myself for embarking on this new path. I have found the emails to be useful prompts when encouragement is needed and am grateful they have been there and that Blanca has been a part of my life. Thank you!" 

Sumaera Hassan
- Astellas, London

Community Support

Three Months Coaching and Masterminding Live Calls

I'm passionate about you getting CUSTOMIZED support. That's why I decided to throw in Group Coaching and Mastermind Calls. I will be there to give you expert advice. Every other week I'll be leading an Open Group Coaching and Mastermind Call where you can ask questions and we will guide you through the exercises for your specific circumstances and provide you with any additional coaching you might need.

In between live calls you will dive into the master classes, review the materials and take massive action towards your goals. The Coaching and Masterminding Live Calls are here to sustain your hyper accountability, hard work and profound commitment. These are highly interactive calls with a ton of opportunity for personalized support from me.

You could use the "Clarity Chair". You could ask me questions directly. Yes, you could be coached directly by me during the call. This way you will not only learn, but help others with their challenges.

Don't worry if the life call times don't line up for you, they are all recorded, and you can submit questions that I will answer and you can listen later. And all questions on any module are welcomed on every call so you never have to feel behind!

I have designed it this way on purpose. This is my "no (wo)man behind" strategy. I refuse to allow you to stick this product on the shelf/hard disk or feel like you cannot use the material because it's not exactly right for you. I'm committed to your success. I'm committed to your breakthrough.

This is just like individual coaching on steroids. Very valuable!


You will be invited to 6 Coaching and Masterminding Calls also with yours truly, Blanca Vergara!

  • Mastermind  Live Call 1: 3 of October
  • Mastermind Live Call 2: 17 of October
  • Mastermind Live Call 3: 31 of October
  • Mastermind Live Call 4: 14 of November
  • Mastermind Live Call 5: 28 of November
  • Mastermind Live Call 6: 12 of December


Live Access To The A Better ME Community

Imagine having a group of people, on the same path as you, who will support you, lift you up, encourage you and give you guidance. Then imagine this group is always there for you, and always ready to listen to whatever challenge you have. Imagine, you getting a chance to share your wisdom with others who love and appreciate you.

Facebook provides an instantaneous way for attendees to interact with one another. We also use Facebook to chat, live, during Coaching and Masterminding Calls, and as a place for you to post questions and interact with your peers. In addition, attendees enjoy creating Play Real Big Buddies, accountability partners, with whom you can work on and offline. 

Finlly, if you ever miss a session, you can get help from others to catch up and you will also be masterminding with everyone in to test your ideas and share your challenges.​

“She helps point the way to all that is possible”

“Blanca is your north star on your journey forward. She beams brightly and knowingly and helps point the way to all that is possible. Her gentle presence and her skilled process reassures us that all things -- big and small are within reach once we set the course and look upward and beyond our own limitations.”

Sue Carmody
- Santa Barbara Coaching Collective, USA
John Doe UI/UX Designer

PLUS - When You Take Action Now You'll get access to Invaluable Bonuses

Your Own Signed Copy of Unstoppable YOU

In addition to all these cutting edge success tools, you'll also receive a free additional copy of the book that started this movement. Unstoppable You is the very foundation for every tool in this program.

This book is the ultimate guide to make things happen. With it, you can achieve anything you want in life.

A Better ME Retreat

This event is one of a kind. The A Better ME Retreat will raise the bar in your transformation you had already created. It will be a great opportunity for identifying your next level in needs, habits and ultimately in your life.

This retreat is designed to help you unlock and unleash your inner forces to breakthrough your current limitations and create a life even closer to your greatest potential.

There will be three areas of focus during this day:

Health and well-being.  Discover cutting edge strategies to massively increase your energy and vitality

Financial Freedom. Define the clear and inspiring target and make a plan to achieve that desired lifestyle.

Love and Relationships. Create stronger bonds. Become an excellent communicator at home, at work, everywhere.


Bring your significant other for only $497 That's right! We know that many of you are going to want to go through this training with another set of eyes and a second brain to mastermind about all of the innovative strategies you'll learn.

Yes, Blanca I'm ready for
A Better ME

A Better ME Works for Real People

“Gives a good support system”

“This program really helped me to get in touch with reality and not lost in the thesis. It ensures I'm consistent with writing my thesis and it gives a good support system: Knowing others are also doing the same thing. Blanca is also very helpful and very caring to all of us.”

Rosalia Adisti
- TU Delft, The Netherlands
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Learn and apply skills... on many other things in life.”

“I am grateful for the tips and support Blanca has given me. It was a real delight to experience her positive attitude and ways of teaching. I would recommend this program to anyone as you do not only learn and apply those skills on a thesis but on many other things in life too."

Sambit Praharaj
- TU Delft, The Netherlands

Yes, Blanca I'm ready for
A Better ME

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