New Year's Eve


We are so excited you are coming to welcome 2023 with us!

On the change of year we become very ritualistic and superstitious. We are going to curate a large list of traditions from all around the world when welcoming the new year's. 

You don't need to do any of these, BUT you may! They are a bunch of activities that playfully open all up for a wonderful year! 

Having said that! It would be great if you could help us out with them! 

Knippen en Plakken Festival

To visualize what the future will bring, we will cut and paste images from magazine on large sheets of paper. 

Bring some old magazines we can use

Crazy Things We May Do

Remember, you DON'T need to do any of these. Don't panic! 

Brazilian white dress and flowers

Brazilians dress in white and take flowers to the Goddess of the Sea, Yemanya on the first minutes of ever 1st of January. The symbolism is to rebirth with the beauty and the wisdom of the sea.

There will be flowers if you want to join me on this one!


Lentils will be included in our menu as they are sign of prosperity. You can surf on this idea by wearing polka dots.

Clocks, clocks, clocks

Let's create a mosaic of clocks that ring at the same time heralding the new year. Bring some!

12 grapes

We'll eat 12 grapes at 12! Each one for 12 wishes for the 12 months of the year. Think about your own wishes in advance.

Suitcases to travel

This is a Mexican tradition! We take suitcases out for a walk at midnight in the hope that the year will bring a lot of travel. Suitcases will be available if you want to join on this!

Something else

Do you have a new year's tradition we are not thinking about? Please bring it! We love this stuff!

Talent Show

If you and/or your kids have a talent they want to share with us, you are more than welcome. 

Camilo will prepare his International Flags Quiz. Bertil is planning a quiz. I heard some rumors than Olav and Daan have something in the making....

Daning. Singing. Puppet show. Your imagination is the limis

Leave your shy spirit at home! Feel welcome to have a great party!

What to bring

Alcoholic, non alcoholic, with or without bubbles... whatever catches your fancy
Feel free to bring a snack. We'll take care of tapas, pinchos and food surprises
Old magazines you are ready to let go of. Prioritize the ones  with pretty photos
Bring as many clock as possible!
Think about your dreams and wishes for the year. Bring them in your heart!
Old magazines you are ready to let go of. Prioritize the ones  with pretty photos

Rethink. Repurpose. Regenerate.

Your Looking Glass