Regenerative Mondays

Weekly oasis of peace and possibility

Every Monday Morning at 9:00 CET we gather to

  • Raise above discord, disconnection and destruction
  • Feel at soul level what truly matters
  • Embrace your real identity as co-creator of a New Era
Dear Blanca, Thank you so much for offering us your prayer story and the meditation. It really resonates. Whatever you call it; paying forward, tonglen, prayer….a way to heal, to reconnect, to love! Warm greetings, W

Regenerative Mondays are a embrace in the storm

Spirit Monday

Remember, reconnect, reembody your Divine Nature

Every Monday Morning at 9:00 CET we gather to remember together what’s actually REAL and expanding our awareness of the here and now.

Wow, THANK You dear, I don't know how your video just appeared for me, just what I needed. May you be blessed thank you for sharing the prayer made me feel grateful with tears of appreciation. May you to have a great day week wherever you are. Sss