​finally get real about your true value
with Blanca Vergara

Almere, November 21st and 22nd, 2019

are you tired of settling for less than you are worth​? ​
Are you ​longing to be financially independent doing what your soul ask, yet something within is stopping you​?

Then join me, ​Blanca Vergara, as ​I hold the space for you to get real and finally see what's possible for you​.

Quick Match Test

Is ​Master Your Money Mindset for you?

Your ​business is a source of hurt and overwhelm, and little money

Your to-do list is miles long. You work so hard to make it ALL happen. You might appear successful in the outside, but truly you're exhausted. This might be having consequences in your health and/or your love life. ​

Painful feelings attack you: anger, guilt, shame​, or anxiety

Nagging feelings persist. You feel guilty or ashamed of your financial and business results. You wish you could be free from all these feelings. ​You might have experienced some kind of ​trauma. ​

Mean voices constantly label you ​"not good enough​"

When you receive a compliment, you cannot believe it. They must be wrong. They haven't yet ​found you out. ​You feel helpless, hurt and not worthy to have ALL you want in life, including the big bocks. 

Your body is shouting NO​

You experience psycho-somatic issues causing digestion problems, muscular tension, inflammation, pain, headaches, hormonal or auto-immune system​ imbalances. ​

You know you have great potential, yet you are not living up-to it​

You are in a job below your capabilities or in an industry that doesn't really excite you. You sell your products below market price or even give them for free. ​

You want to take your life and career to the next level

Top performers no matter the discipline or area have a coach who challenges and inspires them to go to the next level. You want to take time off in an intimate set up to dive deep in your transformation.

You believe you can make the world a better place

You are a proponent of change. You are fired up by the possibility of contributing to a better future for all of us. You want more impact and joy. 

​Identified? You are in the right place 

​The Story Behind The Master Your Money Mindset ​​Retreat

Hi my dear sister,​

​I'm Blanca Vergara. I'm delighted to see you here. Some time ago I was where you are. I feel you. Your pain matters to me.

More than a decade ago, I reached the highest point of my corporate career. I was the most senior woman in Europe in the company I was working for. My MBA, my MSc in IT, my languages, and my previous experience put me in the position of managing millions of euros, sipping champagne and traveling business class globally. Like many women, I got there by hard work and constant self-doubt.

Being there brought me a beautiful car and a nice pay check. But, it came with arrogance and loneliness. No man who was good enough for me. My life was devoid of love and meaning. I didn't even have a cat. My health was in shambles. My period came just twice a year. The white of my eyes was yellow. I had pain in my left arm.  The saddest thing was that I even didn't like that shiny job. 



What saved me​?


A dear friend, a true sister, invited me to a retreat very similar to this one. I didn't understand what I was getting myself into. I went to accompany her. That day changed my life. 

​I couldn't explain anymore to myself why I was making myself so miserable in a senseless life. Going to the top was empty without meaning and without love.

More than a decade later, I'm living my dream life in every single aspect. I changed my job, my intimate relationships and most importantly upgraded my self love. I ditched the diet for good and finally made peace with my body.

​I had to share the gift of these years of transformation with as many sisters as possible. In fact, one participant at my retreat told me and meant it: "Blanca, you have the responsibility to take this work to as many women as possible".

When life gets blurry

Adjust your focus

Open the Window of Your Life

Is your current life inviting you to make changes?

But confusion, fear of uncertainty and your insecurities stop you?

You know it, you haven't been truly yourself for a while. Now you cannot wait to ​finally be yourself again. BUT who is that "me"? What do you like? What do you want? What's your next step?

Do you resonate with these? This retreat is for you. 

Come and open the window of your soul and let clarity bring the new perspectives and possibilities. In an intimate set up you will  give yourself time and space to think about you and your future. 

Let the light that inspired ​the ​Dutch painters, enter into your soul in ​Delft.

​Master Your Money Mindset Retreat compiles the most powerful experiences I've learned into a harmonious journey that will open your heart and mind to massive abundance​ and power.

Oh, the possibilities!

By the end of this ​retreat...

​You'll have a clear vision of the future. Clarity will be your new middle name. You'll know the outcomes you crave and very importantly, you'll be certain of deserving them.

​You know how to allow vulnerability and compassion to be your guides, so that you can truly inspire and lead others.

​Join me in the Master Your Money Mindset ​Retreat and let's rewrite your ​story.

At the end of this workshop you would have developed a brand new relationship with money, a more conscious, graceful and profitable.

The life journey of women today lasts longer and offers more complexities and possibilities than ever before.  Change is unavoidable, so much so that it has become predictable. However, few of us have learned how to navigate life passages with ease. Nowadays it's an essential skill to designing our life aligned with our life purpose. The Master Your Money Mindset Retreat takes advantage of my over 30 years of studying change in uncertain and complex situations. 


Professional women ready for renewal: let go of confusion and fear and welcome certainty and focus

Space is limited to 20 attendees



Your holistic and ​meaningful plan for your current or upcoming life chapter ​

When and where

November ​21st and 22nd

​in Almere, the Netherlands

Stad & Natuur Almere

Kemphaanstraat 1

1358 AD Almere


2 days of full immersion. What to expect? 

  • individual work
  • group discussions
  • artistic expression
  • meditation
  • coaching
  • and, building plans for the chapter ahead

My Heart Says YES!​

Our ​Mastery Journey


Think of your life as a wave, with many crests and valleys. Crests are when our lives “do” something important. Valleys are when our lives “seek” regeneration.


Change is by nature cyclical. Once you ease in this understanding, you can proactively up-cycle or let go off different elements in your life. 


Once you are able to see who life is asking you to become, a plan will easily emerge, making action and results automatic. 


You'll be able to get it done with my support. You'll have an extra coaching session.

How will I get that ​mastery? 

This retreat is for intelligent women, those ones who have been using their mind as their main tools for a long time. Your mind has been in control of your life, in fact has been stopping your wisdom to guide you. So this retreat will use techniques that will go around her control. ​

Based on decades of meticulous research, this program combines the most effective evidence based techniques with the most current scientific methodologies, including:

  • Brain, Heart and Gut Alignment Techniques
  • Heartmath Coherence Technique
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Intuitive Painting
  • ​Guided Visualization Sessions
  • Meditation and Mindfulness

Each one of these techniques are powerful on their own.  ​I have engineered all of them into a multilayered, ​synergistic brain, heart and gut 2 days experience. This combination will ​enable you connect with your true power, to be ​​congruent with ​your values and the life ​you have always desired.


Just because I care, you'll also receive:

  • A ​Kick Off Call - 45 minutes 1:1 with yours truly so that I can get to know you personally and best support you on your journey.
  • ​Pre-Retreat Group Call - you'll have the chance to meet everyone in the group, share your intent and learn how to best prepare yourself!
  • Post ​Retreat Group Call - we'll gather to help integrate your ​lessons once back at home! ​
  • A ​Clarity Call - 45 minutes 1:1  with me so that we can go deeper in making sure your plan will be implemented

Life Changing!

In life, you meet many people but only very few have the power to change your life.

Blanca has this power, and this is maybe because she does what she likes to do in life, and she does it very well. Only in one hour, I saw her touching the heart of more than one person, all with different backgrounds, nationalities, and ages.

Whether you work for a company or have your own business, there is a lot you can learn from Blanca.

She is such an inspirational and intelligent woman, that I consider myself lucky that she crossed into my life.

​Carina Bravo Plancarte


My soul is so ready to go!

This ​Retreat is TOTALLY for you if...

  • You know you are a woman of power who has a bigger purpose waiting to unfold
  • You deeply care about helping more people and making the world a better place
  • You are open to creative expression as a way to connect with your intuition
  • It's time to harmonize your life and work ​with your soul.
  • You are courageous to be vulnerable within a loving sisterhood
  • You're both excited and nervous about this retreat.

This ​Retreat is NOT for you if...

  • You aren't willing to take a leap of faith
  • You don't want to do your inner work and overcome your own beliefs 
  • You're attached to blaming others and/or outside circumstances for your happiness and success.
  • It's normal for you to make excuses, being negative or defensive
  • You take more than you give
  • You're cynical about creativity, personal growth and major breakthroughs
  • You aren't willing to laugh, cry, hug and get a little paint dirty.

​"​I don't like to gamble,
but if there's one thing I'm willing to bet on,
it's myself."

​OMG! Register me now please!

​Master Your Money Mindset Retreat compiles the most powerful experiences I've learned into a harmonious journey that will open your heart and mind to clarity, which in turn will bring massive focus and power.

What's Included

  • 2 full days of Inspiring and Empowering ​Master Your Money Mindset Retreat Experiences led by Blanca Vergara
  • 2 healthy morning buffets
  • 2 healthy lunch buffets
  • Surprises that will delight you

Accommodation and Friday dinner are not included. In case you need it, just ask me for suggestions, and I will be happy to email you a list of recommendations.


  • A ​Kick Off Call
  • Pre-Retreat Group Call
  • Post Trip Group Call 
  • A ​Clarity Call 

Yes, Blanca, I'm in! 

What Our Customers Are Saying

What do our past ​attendees think of the retreat?

Blanca is very energetic and passionate to bring the best out of women. She cares about your goal and listens carefully to what you need. She sees beyond and makes you see the world of opportunities. She is very sincere and authentic. I highly recommend her Clarity retreat. At the end of the retreat, I had so much better clarity on my position in life and the actions I should take. ​

Liza Rassei PhD MBA

​Bridging Innovation to Market

Thank you very much for this retreat. Every single activity was helpful and after the retreat I feel very motivated to follow your recommendations.

I'm sure this experience is going to change my life and is going to be easier getting involved in my new life in the Netherlands.

​Tere Sánchez, PhD

​Big Data, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons


​When you're in a dark place you tend to think you've been buried.
​Perhaps you've been planted.


Retreat leader

Blanca Vergara

Blanca Vergara is an internationally recognized life skills strategist for intelligent women. For more than a decade she empowers superheroines in the making, by finding, activating and amplifying their superpowers.

She created the ​Master Your Money Mindset​ and is also the author of several books including “Women Work Wonders" and "One Couple Two Careers".

She has degrees in Information Technology, Coaching and an MBA. She has over ​30 years of international business experience. She honed her business skills within important consulting firms like Price Waterhouse and European institutions like the European Space Agency. She lives in Amsterdam with her two children and her husband. She also speaks Spanish and Dutch.

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