The Lover

Expressing Fullness

Your Role in the World

The Lover archetype is associated with the Sacral Chakra. This archetype is connected with feelings, sensations, and emotions, and is characterized by a playful and flowing energy. The Lover archetype brings sensual, pleasurable, and joyful qualities to any situation.

The Gifts

The gifts of the Lover archetype allows us to open to pleasure, enjoy the exquisite beauty of physical sensation, and freely express our sexuality. We love and accept our bodies, trusting in our own unique beauty and embodied wisdom.

The Work

We are comfortable with the full range of our emotions, being able to experience both pleasure and pain. The lover encourages us to ignite our passion, follow our bliss and magnetizes to us all that we desire.

Blind Spots
  • Heaviness, sluggish, monotony, hoarding, greed
  • Fear, lack of discipline, restless, under-earning

The Lover Highlights

Central Issue



Stability, grounding, physical health, prosperity, trust


To be here, to have



Rethink. Repurpose. Regenerate.

Your Looking Glass