Heart Centering Meditation


Join my Heart Centering Meditation

​A weekly dose of ​grounding, enthusiasm and empowerment
to accompany you on your journey

As uncertainty becomes more present than before, the need for grounding and centering in our heart ​becomes more and more important. 

Because of that I created a free weekly meditation session. Everyone is welcome. Men and women. Religious and agnostics. Entrepreneurs, unemployed and executives. Young and younger. 

We'll create an oasis of love that will allow you to use your most intelligent part of the brain while making decisions these days. ​So that each action you take is a force for good.

These sessions are, 

  • ​live: you can interact with me and fellow ​participants
  • twice a week: on Monday morning for Europe (which works for some places in Asia) and on Sunday morning for the Americas
  • some recordings are available in my YouTube channel. I just record my voice. So whatever you share here stays here.


​​I've joined Blanca's morning meditation series at the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis and since then, they've become my anchor in this strange situation that's sometimes so hard to navigate. Each day, they help me to connect to myself, all the while gently guiding me on my journey to build a business I can pour all my heart in. ​ ​

Jana Krizanova - Online Business Manager


Are you ready to drop the struggle and
unleash your radiance and impact?

But, not sure how?