FREE 3 day workshop

Heal Your Relationship with work

3 Secrets to Stop Settling for Less in
Career Success AND True Love

September 12 -14
20:00 - 21:00 CET

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FREE 3 day workshop

Play Real Big

3 Secrets to Stop Settling for Less
in Career Success AND True Love

September 12 -14
20:00 - 21:00 CET

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You missed out!

You don't have to choose between true love or career success

You are overwhelmed

  • You have been giving it all for your career, often working on evenings, weekends and holidays

You are worried

  • You have shouted one time too many to your partner and/or children
  • You are arguing more and you are wondering what happened

You crave (and deserve) the whole enchilada

  • You know so much! So many techniques and tricks, but they feel more like a limitation than liberation
  • You long for time off to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but are afraid that all will collapse without you

It doesn't have to be this way!

By the end of this program you'll discover:


During this workshop you'll learn why this is NOT your fault AND what are the real causes behind this challenge that all competent women face.

the killing 5

The most destructive, yet common choices, that jeopardize the harmony of career and intimacy

the framework

Learn the "One Couple Two Careers" Framework, that will help you to make career and intimacy mutually supportive. 

A comprehensive plan 

Get clear about your your priorities and destination. Design a plan that honors you 100%

Don't just take my word for it

Blanca thank you so much for this insightful and interactive lecture. It's very inspiring to know how you transform your career and find ways to manage your personal and business life.

Yoko Fujimoto MBA, E-Commerce, Karl Lagerfeld

It was an interesting session where Blanca touched upon some important aspects when it comes to couples working in high profile jobs and at the same time grappling with some very important decisions and tasks that both can take responsibility for.

In this day and age, where each partner is expected to deliver his/her best both at their workplace as at their homes, it can be a challenge. Blanca beautifully tackled these and many more issues that are very relevant for young professionals like us.

Shivani Shetty MBA, Finance

I really liked the workhop since Blanca talked about long distance relationships, and now I am having one. The framework she presented is for me very interesting and for sure I will have a conversation with my partner about it.

Also the 5 killing approaches were funny and very interesting. It made me realize the things I have been doing in my relationship and for sure I am going to work to improve those aspects. I truly recommend this workshop!

Roxana Rivera, MBA, Marketing, Kimberly Clark

This is a powerful and unique sisterhood community. You need to invest and do the exercises, but that is how you grow and learn what you want, who you are and where you are and what you should do to heal and grow and realize your dreams. The coach organizer is a unique wise and strong woman who is able to listen and to give the right advice. The connection with the other participants/sisters makes it unique. You finally understand the strength of the feminine and can express yourself, and tell your story in all confidence without feeling judged or weak. It was a great, powerful and positive experience.

Evita Van Genderen, Lawyer

The sisterhood, the sharing, the loving embrace, the patience, the encouragement. What woman wouldn't want to be in a place like this? How many women out there are still living in the corporate arena trying to fight the uphill battle not knowing they don't need to fight? I am so grateful to the universe for bestowing in me this treasure created by Blanca.

Fabiola Garay, Senior Operations Manager

It's important to have a sister group who supports you. For your trust in woman. It's a concrete check up in where you are in life and where you want to go to, and how.

Daphne Gakes, Actress

This is an ideal program if you see yourself working in progress to be the best version of yourself just like me. Regardless of where you're standing right now and which life challenges you're coping with, Blanca teaches you the fundamental principles, stages and guidelines of leveling up your life. As an excellent entrepreneur and soul mentor, she guides you to be present with your difficult emotions and find ease along with your journey. I love her authenticity, transparency and generosity while sharing her private and professional knowledge and experience by heart-and-soul with compassion. I strongly recommend her programs and services. Thank you, Sweet Soul Sister, Blanca!
Sumru Inal, Relationship Coach

Meet your mentor

Blanca Vergara MBA MSc

Man hater turned Divine Feminine Seeker

This is the part where I share my impressive credentials so you trust I'm the right person to lead you in this journey of true abundance.

And yes - I have those. For the past 15 years I've coached powerhouse women into leveling up all areas of their life. My clients have built harmony at home even with their demanding businesses.

But what's more relevant is that I went to man hater, with plenty casual relationships to enjoying and sustaining a long and expansive one, while growing my own business. My 30's were seriously sad. I was trying to be a "liberated woman" and do what was expected from me (by who?!?) And I was failing in all fronts. It was until I tapped into the authentic power of all women, the Divine Feminine, and started acting in harmony to Her wisdom, that things started to take off...

Now I'm enjoying the deepest of intimate joy with my husband, after 15 years together, while growing our businesses, raising teenagers and caring for our last elder. Not easy feat! Let me share you how! Join us!

Give yourself permission to
succeed and growing closer and closer

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