Value Your Value



Happy to see that you are ready to stop stealing from yourself and value your own value.

At the end of this program,

  • You will raise your prices. You will find price point that will not only increase your income but also will attract more than perfect customers
  • You will build a business system that generates consistent income

This is a five modules program

  1. Effective Business Map. Here you will redefine your ambition and stretch it to what you truly want – in other words, stop settling for what you can get
  2. 10X Pricing Strategy. Here you will learn the formula to multiply several folds your price.
  3. Personal Power. Here you will overcome the fears and doubts that are stopping you from actually multiply your pricing
  4. Sales Mastery. Here you will learn to talk about money and close the deal for all your ideal customers
  5. Consistent Cash Flow System. Here you will learn how to set up the system so that you can enjoy consistent inflow of customers and cash.

Each module will be delivered in a webinar of about an hour. You can follow the course at your own pace and come back to the content forever. So, you can implement it all at your own time and if some changes come to your business, you can use this knowledge to update it.

Once you complete all the program, you will receive an individual coaching session, so that you can implement all the learning. During this session, you can clarify any of the concepts and its application to your own business.

The most important investment here is your time, courage and commitment. To start making money with your business, you need to learn powerful techniques that will put your business on steroids. Challenging, but incredibly rewarding. It would be an honor for me to walk this path with you!

Here you have two testimonials of  previous customers,

Laure, France

Monica, The Netherlands

Value your Value is the right title for the whole process of the program. It’s so complete and in the right order that for me every session was an ‘aha’ moment of realization and inspiration. I was blind (or scared) to move forward in this, and find the profile my perfect client and shape my vision of what I know I can offer as a professional. By the end of the program, I felt so positive and hungry of more, wanted to keep on having that synergy Blanca offers in each session and afterward. But mostly I feel ready, ready to explore my potential, value my value for myself and for others and ready for action. I would profoundly recommend Blanca’s program to anyone who has this fear and doubt to be able to offer something unique as a professional. We are all unique and add value in different aspects for any type of projects. Just don’t be scared of what life can bring you and what you can do about it.

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