Day One

When smart women decide that today is day one​, this is what they do

Get real about what is keeping your power hidden​


Life changes in an instant. It changes when you decide.
What is it going to be: one day or Day ONE?
To make this real now you will sign a contract with yourself. Don’t take this lightly. When you commit to unleash your highest self, all will conspire with you to make it happen. Take this decision today and commit to it. You are meant for greatness. This is your starting point for this journey.
This is your first step. Take it.​

"It's in your moments of decision

when your destiny is shaped​."

​Tony Robbins


It has a bonus inside


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​You are wondering what will happen after this commitment. 

You are starting a journey into positive disintegrate yourself. You'll reconstruct your values, beliefs and even habits.

I have distilled the wisdom of many authors and sages, specially women, into a map of this process. This is my

Play Real Big Blueprint

This is my gift to you!

"I'm not a product of my circumstances,

I'm a product of my decisions​."

Stephen Covey

​(c) Blanca Vergara

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Are you ready to drop the struggle and
unleash your radiance and impact?

But, not sure how?