you are invited


monthly breakfast series

on ​​the femenine way to the art of life and career

with Blanca Vergara

Women forget how much we can inspire one another.

No one understands us like us.


You are invited

Blanca Vergara, in a mission to inspire women to value their value, presents the Clarity Roundtable; monthly women's breakfast. You are cordially invited to join this roundtable breakfast series for talented women to network and share ideas about what truly matters.  During these breakfasts we will discuss insights on challenges and opportunities by sharing our experiences. 

Set at a rotation of venues chosen from Amsterdam's dynamic breakfast scene, we meet together to enjoy a yummy breakfast, alongside a healthy serving of inspiration focused conversation to help us all get the most out of life and work.

Let's ​flip ​Monday morning together

​​Let's unpack these subjects together, 

​Become Indispensable and Unforgettable ​(18 Mar)

Future proof your career (15 ​Apr)

Clarity + Courage = Cash (20 May)

This breakfast will use the very feminine format of the circle. We'll have conversations in which each one will be heard. We'll explore options and solutions on the ​weekly theme.

Entrance to this free event is on a first come, first served basis, so please RSVP on time to grab a seat. To facilitate the conversation, limited spots are available. So, do be fast.

Breakfast is on you. We'll kick off at 8:30 and close our conversation at 10:30. We can't wait to see you!

We'll enjoy a sparkling and uplifting start to the day meeting of like-minded women in an inspiring environment. Come alone or with a friend!

To your brilliance

​May 20, 2019

Stop Stealing from Yourself!

How many customers have told you “I would love to work with you, but I cannot afford you”? Have you lowered your price because of that? Have you given your work for free? When is the last time you raised your prices?

You might not be aware of it, but you are stealing from yourself. You might even deny it. But your very own actions are sabotaging the financial rewards that you deserve. There are so many reasons why you do not charge (nor cash) what you are worth. Blame, fear, guilt and other painful believes are hiding behind all these “reasons”.

In this session you’ll uncover your self-sabotaging beliefs and actions, and most importantly what to do about then to start generating better results. This will be an active session that will help you value your value. Get ready to expand what's possible for you.

This seminar is specially designed for passion lead entrepreneurs, those ones who want to change the world through their business.

You are not alone, and I am not alone.

We are a sisterhood, together, and together we can make it. 

Raluca Dobrescu
Francesca Klack Industrial Ecologist
Marianne Korten Soul At Work, Australia
Alycia de Kraa Instigation, Brussels/Amsterdam
Mary Lumley BornToBeSocial, France
Farah Abi Morshed Corporate Banker, Amsterdam
Lucy Watson COO, Cyoda, London UK
Faye Cosar Independent Consultant, Amsterdam
Titia Hennemann Illuminosa, Amsterdam
Nina Beem Chorographer, Amsterdam
Sarah Kate Gardiner Author of The Soul Surival Kit & maker of movements, moments & ordinary miracles.
Carina Bravo Plancarte Recruitment manager, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Laverne Hunt Speaker, Amsterdam
Micheline Tanguy Stylist, Paris/London
Leah Oviedo Writer, San Diego
Rianne Duindam Architect, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

HR Manager - Heineken

Blanca is one of those extraordinary people who has the magic to get you moving, and bring the confidence that you can do amazing things! Her resourceful, spot-on conversations can make a difference no matter where you are on your path.

Thank you Blanca for guiding me to re-connect to myself!

She has the knowledge, the capacity and the communication skills to engage people and help them, giving them tools to navigate this complex and volatile world we live in. Professionals who are not willing to give up happiness because of career choices or simply people who want to become more aware of couple dynamics, communication dynamics and personal growth will most certainly benefit from her workshop. Really Recommended! [And she is also funny!]

Clarity; inspiration and tools to jump start their career or business! The coaching sessions I received from Blanca to sort out my company’s vision and handle obstacles were the key to get me back on track. Her openness, sharp insight and variety of techniques left me with a new focus and energy to create my own future. I recommend Blanca to anyone who seeks clarity; inspiration and tools to jump start their career or business!

Blanca is exciting and challenging. She gets to the core of the issue and offers insight, options, and priorities. She is generous with her expertise and knowledge to help people move forward in integrity and productivity. I highly recommend her to anyone anywhere running a business.

Blanca has been extremely generous in sharing her experience and advice with me. With her help, enthusiasm and encouragements, she enabled me to define and validate a business project. I recently started a new business project and I continue to refer back to the tools, techniques and ideas she shared with me. She's a wonderfully positive person and I am so glad I was able to benefit from her wisdom and experience. She is truly inspirational!

You literally inspired me and tapped something inside me. Your workshop was enriching for the heart, the mind and the body. Your energy is radiating and I lived the positive vibe. I salute you for the courage and confidence to dream of a better you and contribute to a better world and I can only be inspired to reflect at myself and aim for a better me!

Blanca is an inspiration in how she has made the radical shift from a successful, yet deeply unsatisfying conventional career to pursue her passion. And who could be better coach to support others through their own radical transitions, than someone who has been there herself and knows intimately the doubts, fears and challenges - as well as the joy of making the dream a reality.

If anyone can coach people to do this (build the heart centered economy) she can.

I was drawn to Blanca's warmth and enthusiasm the first time I met her. She really does have the energy to make a difference in the world. Her ideal is a heart-centred economy - every leader loving what they do and having respect for their staff.

If anyone can coach people to do this she can. She has the right mix of out-of-the-box ideas and encouragement.

Blanca truly is one of those light-bringing people who lead us to the new world we all dream of, inspiring and in the meantime giving us the courage to do the same !!

To experience the deep ageless spiritual wisdom of the Aztecs, being brought together in a warm, sparkling, inspiring, strong and also very successful businesswoman is a present I wish everyone who wants to live and work from his heart should grant him or herself. Blanca truly is one of those light-bringing people who lead us to the new world we all dream of, inspiring and in the meantime giving us the courage to do the same !!

Blanca is listening for the gold. Through all the dirt she can see the gold in a person.

Blanca comes from possibility. You can feel that she's been where you've been and break through it. With only her being she inspires me to be big, proud and go for it. You can feel that she's mastered what she is saying.

Blanca believes in herself and therefore believes in you and your possibilities.
Blanca gives concrete steps that sound logical, but ones that you never thought before because you are too close and attached to your own company.

The Power Session with Blanca is a refreshing experience that helps me as an artist to take myself seriously and go for it!

Blanca is so good you should say it twice. Your slightly American tone is a refreshing oasis in this sometimes dry ''Doe normal" desert. I work intuitively and very intensively, often feeling like I'm bull dozing over people with my enthusiasm and creative insights ... so it was such a relief to meet eye to eye with someone riding the wave with me. Respect. Our relatively short consultation had big implications. Immediately layers effortlessly dropped away ... this onion was peeled. I felt an immediate trust and allowed Blanca to witness my heart felt fears and wishes. During our contact, there was such an immediacy that the "now" was made tactile, to the point that I experienced an energetic reality shift. BLANCA WAS THE GOOD WITCH THAT HELD UP THE MIRROR AND SAID "HERE IS YOUR ROLE MODEL". I'm sure she has connections to the star ship enterprise.

May The Force Be With You Blanca and all the women warriors.

Love from Sarah Kate Gardiner

Life changing!

In life, you meet many people but only very few have the power to change your life.

Blanca has this power, and this is maybe because she does what she likes to do in life, and she does it very well. Only in one hour, I saw her touching the heart of more than one person, all with different backgrounds, nationalities, and ages.

Whether you work for a company or have your own business, there is a lot you can learn from Blanca.

She is such an inspirational and intelligent woman, that I consider myself lucky that she crossed into my life.

Don’t let her pass by without catching it.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that LITTLE extra. That is Blanca , a woman with an extraordinary talent and aptitude to speak to others. It’s nothing enormous about her, just a little twist making a full modification. She’s not just another inspirational speaker and coach, it’s that extra that makes her reach into your heart giving you the strength to move the next mountain.

Blanca has a self-confident attitude that can be contagious. Don’t let her pass by without catching it.

She can help us to find our passion and to use it to make profit and make our life rich, light, full of energy, vitality, dynamism, humor and to take action !

Blanca is such a heart centered woman; so she can help us to find our passion and to use it to make profit and make our life rich, light, full of energy, vitality, dynamism, humor and to take action !

Thanks Blanca to boost me to go to London and for your support.

Blanca is not just innovative and brilliant, she really cares about helping your business grow.

Blanca is not just innovative and brilliant, she really cares about helping your business grow. I enjoyed working with her in the Change Agent series. That experience helped me fine tune the focus of my business which is helping people while creating a profit for myself.

I highly recommend working with Blanca if you have the chance.

It has been an absolute privilege to meet Blanca and learn from her knowledge and experiences. I can recommend Blanca for anyone who wants to reconnect to their dreams, pursue them and to be successful in that. She provides you with the tools how to be a better you. Because: dreaming is good, doing is better!