Listen to the

Wisdom of the Body

spiritual Meaning of Body Sensations

This is NOT Medical Advice! these are my personal observations gathered over several decades of work

How to listen to the

Wisdom of the Body

This is NOT Medical Advice! these are my personal observations gathered over several decades of work


Your body is your connection with the Field

When you body hurts, it's communicating something beyond the illness itself. All illnesses are a reflection of something that's happening in the etheric and emotional bodies. 

At the same time, the body is constantly communicating with us the best and most expansive direction for our spiritual wellbeing.

In this document, I give you the 3 most important questions to ask when your body is talking to you.

Welcome it

Any sensation you have is a message. If you numb it with pain killers, you miss the message. If you get angry and call the sensation pain, it will intensify. 

Instead, welcome it. See it as a great opportunity to learn, to expand, to grow at every level.

explore it

Perceive the sensation as a way of your body to communicate with you. See it as a messanger, as an ambassador. Talk to him. Listen. Invite him to stay. Ask questions. Below I offer you the important questions to guide you. Follow your intuition. Listen. Listen.

Be grateful

Once you have receive the wisdom of your body, it's time to be grateful. It's not just about saying thank you to your body (that you should do). In fact, it's a matter of action. Now you have to follow through the guidance that you have been given. You must follow through!

let it happen

Don't ever push your body to talk to you

Pushing your body to talks to you doesn't work. That's too much mind, too much ego. The body talks to you when your mind is switch off, when it gets into an automatic mood.

unlock your dmn
The Edison Method

The DMN is the default mode network" (DMN) state. It's composed of several brain regions.

When it's activated, the ego quiets. Then you can listen to the body, to the muse, to Divine. You unlock your DMN by going on long walks, taking a shower, doing repetitive easy automatic tasks.

Edison took naps with a heavy ball on his hand, when the ball would fall, he would be in the in between space, when the muse comes.

make it conscious
Write it down

Make it a habit to journal after showers, long walks or after you wake up. Do it with pen and paper, because then your heart is talking through your arm. Write without thinking. Write freely, intuitively, in the silliest way you could. Few days later, read back your journal. You will find wisdom, answers, shourtcuts. They are not yours. They were given to you. They were downloaded. Honor them. Take action on their guidance.

Left vs right

In which side of the body you have a sensation? 

Left and right symbolize the yin and yang of our lives.

Consider these questions when talking to your sensation.

  • Does it have to do with your mother?
  • Is this a question of emotions? 
  • Is it related to the past? 
  • Does it have to do with your father?
  • Is this a question of ideas or actions? 
  • Is it related to the future? 

4 elements

Which element of creation wants to come through you

Your body and all reality is continually shaped by the constant interaction of the 4 elements. As they dance in the creative process, they talk to you. When you listen to them, you'll be able to consciously co-create the most expansive life. 

Courage Release Masculine Energy

Fire can burn you, but it can also cook a delicious meal. Fire feels in your body indeed as a raise in temperature. The nuance is how that feels. Is it like a blanket? or is it like a burning fire? Does it scare you? or does it invite you?  This is clear yes, no, wait guidance. Feel it. Discern. Embrace that courage and release message.

Imagination Aspiration Movement Masculine Energy 

Air is the element of ideas. It can be felt like a soft breeze. Pay attention. There's some idea that's time to come in. Open all your senses. It may come through something that someone says, through a billboard, through an animal. Pay extra attention to the present moment.

Support Nurture Receptivity Feminine Energy

When you feel that gravity works harder on you than normal, the earth element is talking to you. Be present to it. Ask what the message is. It could be related to staying where you are, needing nourishment (spiritual, emotional, intellectual or even physical). Feel it. Explore it. Be curious.

Ease Flow Feminine Energy

This is the most mysterious and fascinating element. We as humanity are rediscovering all its wisdom and power. If water appears in your dreams, if you need to cry, if you have any other water related experience be very curious and open. Ask. Be silent. Receive. Flow.

yes vs no

Your body guides you in the labyrinth of life

Reality changes quickly. Massive amounts of changing information makes impossible for the brain to make effective decisions.

BUT your body, as it's connected to the infinite field of consciousness, doesn't have that problem.

It will guide you away from what is not yours and towards your most expansive path.

  • Do you feel the presence and support of your ancestors? Sometimes it feels like a hug, like a hand on your shoulder, like a gentle breeze, like being covered with a blanket...
  • You feel a lovely clear sensation in the right hand side of your body, specially right arm or right leg. Goosebumps or lovely warmth.
  • You feel the famous butterflies in your tummy, a sensation of excitment, of crossing a portal towards the next version of yourself.
  • You feel pulled to the left by a hand. These might be your ancestors warning you not to go ahead.
  • You may feel pulled down, like if gravity was working more than usual
  • Do you feel COLD and empty? You may feel shivers even during summer.
  • You feel a knot in the stomach, like someone hit you hard in the abdoment, like if had a hole in the middel of your body.

Senses & Organs

What don't you want? 

Think about the function of the organ and extrapolate it to what this could mean spiritually or metaphysically. 

Consider what the organ does
and ask
  • EYE: The eye captures images from the outside world. So, consider what you don't want to see
  • EAR: The ear captures sounds from the outside world. It also connect with your nose and throat. What I don't want to hear? What I don't want to hear myself saying?
  • STOMACH: Our stomach transform food into small pieces that our blood will be able to take to the cell for nourishment. What I cannot digest? What I cannot stomach? Whtat I cannot divide into pieces? What I cannot accept into my life/system/business? Have I been eating too much (could be food, but also ideas, books, objects...)?
  • HAIR: Hair is highly linked with our identity. When we start losing it, we are invited to reflect with parts of our identity we need to let go of, which part of our ego needs to be released.

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