The Bloom Mastermind ​is now open! ​

Join the business community that is both spiritual and practical



with Blanca Vergara

Build a Prosperous Heart Centered Business

​bloom, verb, used without object to flourish or thrive, used to describe your transformation here​

Join this community and get the in-depth support you need to ​sell and deliver your new heart centered offer and set your business for long term success

Bloom is different than any other mastermind out there

​Join us for this in depth group coaching program where you'll get the direct support and guidance to build a thriving heart centered business. 

This program is for you if you want to start making sales fast, no matter if you have no online presence yet. It combines buiding solid fundaments for ​sustainable success and creating quick wins for now.​



This isn't a get quick rich old boy's club or internet lie and run strategies.

We're ​entrepreneurs materializing spirit and spiritualizing matter.

​ Spirituality and Practicality 

​Our brain cannot give us the ​answers we need now. 

Because of that ​consciousness sits at the core of our approach.

Community Focused

Bloom is a community focused on cooperation.​

​We are compassionate and empowering. This makes us a success magnet. 



We are ​are committed to ​our mission and ​our goals. 

We  are ready to go beyond fear and past failures and take inspired action.  

In short, this is for heart centered entrepreneurs like you who are ready to bring all your gifts to the market, stand out from the crowd and make a massive impact on your community.

If you don’t meet this criteria, then we wish you well.

This is not the right fit for you yet.

Are you ready to bloom your business? 

Renew Your Money Mindset

Your fears and emotions are what really stop you. ​Because of that we'll help you renew your money mindset.

  • Yes, you can make money being completely you: with your story, your culture, your pains, your hopes... YES!


  • ​Rewrite your limiting subconscious beliefs and habits to you achieve financial success with massive easy and grace

  • ​Let go of self-doubt, fear, self-minimizing that are holding you back

  • Build a brand new and empowered self-identity, one that achieves impact and success with joy, ease and grace

  • Recognize, release and re-frame ancestral and childhood traumas and stories that are holding you back​

​Actually Make Money with Your Thing

BLOOM will also give you the "how's". It will help you,

  • Learn how to set your offer online

  • Adjust your offers to address what your clients need now

  • ​Present your offers so that sales are effortless

  • Revamp your marketing so you stand out from the crowd

  • Learn sales strategies that work now

  • Make money in a heart centered way : add more life to the world

  • Get the guidance and support you need to take fast and efficient action​

Building a business around a heart centered and relevant offer ​will give you speed and ease. I know this sounds like an impossible feat to do all by yourself. This is precisely the reason why I created BLOOM. BLOOM will show you how to do this profitability without wasting sweat, time and tears in something that doesn't bring you results.

Are you ready to Bloom, start showing 100% up in your work and be paid for it?


Together we'll conquer the biggest ​business challenges

​"I cannot make money with my thing"

BLOOM will help you connect ​ your gifts and the needs of the market. So that selling becomes serving and effortless

​"So much to do - I don't know where to start"

​BLOOM will help you to focus on ​​high impact activities and to let go of all time-wasters. ​

"I don't dare to put myself out there"

​BLOOM will help you building the self-confidence, so much that you'll love ​massive visibility

"Selling completely terrifies me"

BLOOM will give you the process to sell soul to soul. You'll love selling after practicing this.

Do you want to conquer these challenges too? 

So, what's exactly


As you know, my aim in life is to accelerate the emergence of the Heart Centered Economy (aka your success). With this in mind, I created BLOOM:  a transformational experience that combines my most life changing business and life changing resources. It condenses more than 3 decades of business experience in a structured and inspiring journey.

It's structured in ​3 main elements:

​Money Mindset Inner Garden

The Money Mindset Inner Garden will allow you to transform your inner money blocks into money magnet. 

Nourishing Mastermind Community

Success loves company. ​

No-one can do this ​alone. ​Nourishing Mastermind Community ​is the friendliest and most ​tribe

​Soulful Business Seeds

Soulful Business Seeds are ​business fundamentals to help you be precise and powerful​

Sounds good? Let me tell you more about each one

  • Inner Garden

  • soulful Business Seeds

  • Mastermind

Money Mindset Inner Garden

​Using visualization and meditation exercises will help you, 

  • weed out unconscious mental habits that have sabotaged you for years
  • plant new more supportive beliefs so you have a more powerful money mindset
  • build the habits that will ensure you showing up 100% in your work

And that's not all

You Also Get

Bonus #1

Master your Money Mindset ​

​On Line Retreat - ​November 12 and 13,

Join the intimate retreat that will transform your abundance mindset. At the end of this workshop you would have developed a brand new relationship with money, a more conscious, graceful and profitable.

​This is a life changing experience, expanding your sense of possibility and clarity for your next business steps


Bonus #2

Personal Mentoring by ​Blanca

Limited to the first 22 ​

​6 sold - 16 available

Kick Off Call with Blanca

​This is individual mentoring (coaching + consulting) with me. During a virtual coffee, with my guidance, you'll create and own your own ​vision of success by the end of the program. This will allow you to have a clear, challenging and focused plan, you could actually do. Plus, I'll use this to further tailor make the program to your needs. ​ 

SOS Calls

​If you're stuck, at any point during theses 6 months you get two 15 minutes calls with me. During these sessions, I'll help you get your power and clarity back. 

If you still see this, you're still on time! ​


Bonus #3

Get S#it Done Sessions

Once a month we’ll have a co-working power hour for all the tasks that you’ve been avoiding

​Goodbye procrastination and loneliness! Once a month we'll use the power of community to get things done. We'll get virtually together with one specific aim: get done those critical scary and avoided tasks.  We'll get s#it done!


Bonus #4

Peek Behind the Curtain Session

My in house expert is going to share with you all technology I'm using​

My years of doing business online can save your so many headaches and money. In this special session my in house expert will show all that we are using and how we have integrated it. ​My online set up is easy and quite inexpensive. You'll be amazed at ​the simplicity and power that is now at our finger tips.

This session will be interactive. We'll be together answering any questions you'll have and of course we'll give you the links to all products we'll share. ​

Excited? Tech no longer a barrier!


Let your business Bloom 

What will I exactly get? 

  • 12 months access to ​Soulful Business Seeds (worth 4,000)
  • 12 months access to the Money Mindset Inner Garden (worth €2,000)
  • 12 LIVE monthly Nourishing Masterminds with Blanca (worth €2,000)
  • 24/7 supportive community (priceless)
  • Exclusive bonuses, discounts on diverse tools and services

And these valuable bonuses

  • A ticket to the ​2020 Master Your Money Mindset Retreat (worth €500)
  • Personal Mentoring by Blanca | limited to 22 the first entrepreneurs (worth €​400)
  • Pick Behind the Curtain | Learn all my technical set up (worth €​500)
  • 12 Get S#it Done Sessions(worth €1,200)

Total Value: 10,600

Join today for only:  €2,590



This option is for the 12 months Group Coaching Program

€ 2,590

Payment Plan Available: 

€259/mth for 12 months


Basic: 6 Weeks


  • Small Class Setting
  • Part Time

Secure Payment.


Intensive: 12 Weeks


To get published in the ClickJournal Magazine

  • Small Class Setting
  • Part Time

Secure Payment.


Ultra: 24 Weeks


To get published in the ClickJournal Magazine & RealityOne

New guest speakers

  • Small Class Setting
  • Part Time
  • Exclusive Interviews
  • Meet & Greet

Secure Payment.

​Your Gardener

That's me, Blanca Vergara

I'm on a mission: to accelerate the emergence of the heart centered economy. In other words, I love helping soulful entrepreneurs to fulfill their potential. Here you have some of my career highlights, 

  • Winner of the WEF 18 Exceptional Women Award awarded by he Women Economic Forum
  • Author of Women Work Wonders and Unstoppable You
  • Winner of the Leadership Coaching Specialist Award of the year 2019, awarded by the Benelux Business Awards 2019
  • Hired by Fortune 100 companies like Shell, Roche, Johnson & Johnson as well as remarkable institutions like the TU Delft and the European Commission

Looking forward to meeting you! ​

Praise for

​Blanca and her work

Honor your Instincts

If Bloom speaks to you (and you already know it does), I encourage you to take action now.

Soon I'll be launching it to a wider audience with less benefits. Take action today!

Honor your instincts. If you know this is what you've been craving for yourself and for your business, step up and take action.