Become Your Own Heroine

​Over the course of 9 weeks, I'll guide you out of feeling trapped into allowing your authentic Divine Self to bloom!

​If any of these points sound familiar

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    Do you feel tired of being strong, and acting like having it all together? 
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    Success in your career doesn't satisfy you anymore
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    ​Do you long for something more meaningful in your career? 
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    Do you work hard towards goals, yet guilt, fear or shame sabotage your success at the last minute?
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    Do you feel worn-out and lost, wondering if someone would ever be there for you​? 

​Here you are, a talented woman, yet somehow your life isn't turning out exactly how you wished. Somewhere along the way you lost control, went on a different direction and woke up one morning thinking  is this all there is?

The path you are now on doesn't promise the destiny you desire. You know it: NOW it's time to get your life back on track. You need to remember who you are, how sexy and awesome you are. Awaken your heroine within!

It's time to connect with the woman you are meant to be. I assure you, there is much more to you than the one who has been walking around feeling grey, bored, burnt, confused and lonely. There is a powerhouse lady in you waiting to emerge.

​Awaken the heroine within is a time for you to discover who you REALLY are... and 
fall in love with yourself all over again (or maybe for the first time)

​You will leave this retreat knowing that you are amazing, fierce formidable and a force to be reckoned with. You'll inhale deeply and know that you are a heroine and don't ever need rescuing. Most of all, you'll experience a journey back to YOU.

​Are you ready and willing to explore deeper levels of self-love and acceptance?
Is it time for a new beginning?

​Here's the problem​...

​It's no secret that many highly gifted women often stuck in fear and self-doubt. One big reasons is that the beliefs that helped us in childhood become barriers for growth and full expression in adulthood. Allowing this patterns of thought to remain controlling our lives gives way to guilt, shame and self-sabotage.

All our beliefs, including what it means to be a woman, are passed on to us by our ancestors, most notably our mother. At a very early age we learn what is expected from us, what is acceptable, what is taboo. These beliefs become like the water to a fish. They become second nature to us. We don't see how they become powerful saboteurs when we become adults.

Not taking action to modify our early childhood mental programming will keep us from fulfilling our true potential. Moreover, we'll perpetuate the model of the frustrated and incomplete woman to younger generations. Yes, even if you are not a mother your life is an example to the young ones. Let you become an inspiring role model, not a warning.

I know how painful it is..

​Live may have sent you a curve ball...

​Maybe a separation has shaken your confidence and you doubt if you will find love

Maybe a crisis in your health awakened you to how previous and short life is.

Maybe your life long career is no longer exciting and you long for passion and purpose

​If you have a now or never attitude towards taking back control of your life to experience the joys of great health, true love and work that feeds your soul...

Then this retreat is for you!

Space is very limited, so apply now.

​What will you learn

​On your Become Your Own Heroine Retreat, you will learn to:

Create a vision for the life you WANT to live

Put yourself and your needs first - it's not selfish - it's needed to give and receive love

Release rears, limiting beliefs and patterns of thinking that are preventing you from the love and success you seek

Feel amazing in your body through whole and healthy foods - learn how to cook and prepare these same meals at home

Live in limitless potential for unstoppable health and happiness without being bound by your beliefs about what's possible.


​Lovely waterfront location, delicious organic food, wellness sessions and goodies to take home. 

Enjoy 4 days and 3 nights in this immersive retreat in gorgeous location.
This experience provides:

​Lovely accommodations in a waterfront home with open living space, a gourmet kitchen, beautiful grounds and ample decking for outdoor dining, yoga and meditation. 

Daily wellness sessions including meditation, journaling, yoga and massage; with talks on nutrition, health and detox.

Delicious prepared organic meals that are easy to prepare as they are delicious to eat. You can even take the recipes home? 

A waterfront welcome reception friday evening with a light dinner kick off your retreat. All meals are provided to ensure you are well nourished and relaxed for the personal exploration that lies ahead.

Deep-dive workshops guide you in creating your new life vision, getting in touch with your core desires, and connecting with your inner power. You will leave with a year from now vision and a plan of action to make it happen.

Work with soul art to uncover and release emotional barriers that are standing in the way.

Books, journals, luscious samples and other support materials that enable your to continue your retreat long after you arrive back home.


Arrive & Settle

Welcome Lunch and Intros

Afternoon session

Group Dinner

Evening Session


Wake and Morning Ritual

Group Meditation


Morning Session


Group Lunch

Afternoon Session

Wellness Break

Group Di

​Your Retreat Leader

​Blanca Vergara is a coach, author, speaker and retreat leader for smart and accomplished women who want more from life - great health, incredible energy, passionate work and deeply satisfying relationships. 

She is the creator of Become Your Own Heroine Retreats, where she coaches clients on how to clear away doubt and fear and live a courageous and rewarding life. She speakes with thousands of women each year through conferences, workshops and syndicated radio.

Are you ready to drop the struggle and
unleash your radiance and impact?

But, not sure how?