Superhero Retreat


This event is one of a kind. The Superhero Retreat will raise the bar in your transformation you had already created. It will be a great opportunity for identifying your next level in needs, habits and ultimately in your life.

Those ready to embrace the discomfort and do the work to become the embodiment of their higher self, a better ME. ​

This retreat is designed to help you unlock and unleash your inner forces to breakthrough your current limitations and create a life even closer to your greatest potential.

There will be three areas of focus during this day:

Health and well-being.  Discover cutting edge strategies to massively increase your energy and vitality

Financial Freedom. Define the clear and inspiring target and make a plan to achieve that desired lifestyle.

Love and Relationships. Create stronger bonds. Become an excellent communicator at home, at work, everywhere.


Bring your significant other for reduced fee! We know that many of you are going to want to go through this training with another set of eyes and a second brain to mastermind about all of the innovative strategies you'll learn.

“Gives a good support system”

“This program really helped me to get in touch with reality and not lost in the thesis. It ensures I'm consistent with writing my thesis and it gives a good support system: Knowing others are also doing the same thing. Blanca is also very helpful and very caring to all of us.”

Rosalia Adisti
- TU Delft, The Netherlands
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Learn and apply skills... on many other things in life.”

“I am grateful for the tips and support Blanca has given me. It was a real delight to experience her positive attitude and ways of teaching. I would recommend this program to anyone as you do not only learn and apply those skills on a thesis but on many other things in life too."

Sambit Praharaj
- TU Delft, The Netherlands