Master Classes Outline

There are many misconceptions about high performance, like the idea that perfectionism, hard work, and busyness are all qualities to aspire to. During the Master Classes, you'll have access to the best of the best information and practices. As I'm fascinated with the subject, I've read and tested a lot of different theories. The Master Classes will be filled with the latest, most effective and easily implementable knowledge and tools that will lead you to a personal breakthrough. All of the classes will give you actionable steps to keep you on track, so you consistently move closer to your goals, unlock  new achievements, and find happiness.

Master Class 1: Your Personal Mount Everest

This is the elephant in the room no one wants to address. The number one problem you are struggling with right now is figuring out where to start.

I will guide you with my own "Personal Mount Everest" assessment to observe your individual situation so that you'll finally be able to identify what matters most to you NOW. This renewed clarity will allow you to choose a destination and make a plan to get there.

Your Personal Mount Everest is the key to mastering life. Without it it's impossible to build the motivation, let alone see the results that we so desire. With this clarity you will be able to see, truly see your future. It will be a vision that will make you wake up every morning and do whatever it takes.

At the end of this Master Class you'll be able to sign your Mount Everest Integrity Pledge. This will be your personal stake in your very own future. By taking the first step in this journey, success is unavoidable.

Master Class 2: Your Treasure Map

Making a plan for any type of project is an almost impossible task these days. We live in a highly uncertain and complex time. We need to strategize in a radically different way than ever before. In this Master Class,  I will be sharing with you an innovative way to build a roadmap toward your goal, whether it's making more money, improving your health or writing a book.

My approach to encompasses your whole mind and body. It includes the use of your intuition and your analytical abilities. It includes your most positive self and your most critical negative self. Using this approach will empower and guide you in this volatile, ambiguous world.

You will love this content because at this phase you'll start seeing how it is actually possible to reach your goal. The path towards your destiny will be illuminated.

Master Class 3: The "Unleash Your Audacious You" Blueprint

Your current situation is not the problem. It is the result of what is going on inside you. Stopping those saboteurs in your mind will lead you to the life you always imagined. The "Unleash Your Audacious You" blueprint is designed precisely for that. We'll be taming your monkey mind. We'll be healing you from the "BUT syndrome".

Using this five-step blueprint, you can make huge changes in every area of your life. Nothing is off limits. Others have used this blueprint to start a business, make radical career changes, get in shape or overcome shyness. I wonder what amazing changes it will spur in your life!

Master Class 4: The Masterpiece Day Process

Can you imagine the cumulative effect of having perfect days every single day for years on end? Ssuccess and fulfillment will be certain.

This is exactly what I'll teach you here. I'll be sharing with you how you can make a masterpiece out of every day of your life. I've distilled the best practices of the most successful and fulfilled people on the planet. There is a pattern and I'll be sharing it with you. ​

One of the most powerful, yet simple acts you can take is to build a morning practice. This will shift your entire day, in fact your entire life. I'll show you how.​

Here you'll discover the secret to creating a to-do list that will motivate you and energize you. You will also learn my top scheduling hacks to increase your productivity ten fold.

Master Class 5: The Key to Getting All You Ever Wanted

Ford said: If you think you can or if you think you cannot, you are right.

What is preventing us from thinking we can?

What is keeping us believing that we cannot?

Can we change that?​

A large number of scientific studies corroborate that using this success mindset is the key to profound happiness and greater performance.

This is a fundamental belief we hold true: how we see ourselves. When we change this essence, ALL will follow.

Master Class 6: Forming Habits

Are you tired of sticking to habits you know are bad for you? Do you want to form new, positive habits?

You're not alone. Many of us struggle with incorporating new habits into our lives because we don't know the best way to go about it.  It seems we are slave to them.; habits rule our life.

This master class will give you a holistic approach to forming habits by sharing the science behind what energizes us and makes us most productive. You will learn the components of habits and how to manage them to change them. You'll understand the role willpower and mindsets play in this challenge. After this master class, you'll have the tools to let go of non-supportive habits and welcome powerful new ones.

Master Class 7: Optimize Your Body

Do you feel like you are constantly out of energy?

Your body is the vehicle that allows you to actually do all you want to do. There are many ways to deplete your energy, accelerate your aging and destroy your productivity. The worst is that these actions are quite common: work hard, never rest, stress out, drink stimulants and the list goes on.  Sometimes our habits work against our innate nature.

In this module, I'll share with you the most important changes you need to make regarding your most valuable productivity tool: your body. We'll talk about sleep, nutrition, stress, exercising and more. We'll talk about how to schedule your day to optimize productivity, while increasing your health, expanding your life expectancy and most of all enjoying your life.

Master Class 8: NO

NO is the most powerful productivity tool. However we don't use it as often as we should or could. We want to be accommodating. We want to be nice. We want to be pleasant. We want to be professional. We want to take advantage of all opportunities out there in this world.

We need to unlearn a lot on the subject of when and hot to say NO. We'll explore the negative impact this has on your life, on your productivity, in your finances and on your health. We'll explore what benefits you will get when you start using this powerful tool. Finally we'll explore the practicalities of it: how to say no, and what to do with those things that should not be on your agenda, but still need to be done.

Adding NO to your productivity toolkit will exponentially increase your focus, your results and your joy.

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“The needle can be moved for everyone who wants to "give it a go" and live fearlessly.”

“Blanca has a creative, original, interesting, highly generative mind that always keeps pushing the boundaries of the unknown of human existence, embodying the change that the world needs to see, opening windows if the door is closed. She is proving the needle can be moved for everyone who wants to 'give it a go' and live fearlessly. Her enthusiastic originality is contagious!

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