Community Support

Three Months Coaching and Masterminding Live Calls

I am passionate about providing CUSTOMIZED support. That's why I decided to throw in Group Coaching and Mastermind Calls. I will be there to give you expert advice. Every other week I'll be leading an Open Group Coaching and Mastermind Call where you can ask any and all questions, I will guide you through the exercises for your specific circumstances and provide you with any additional coaching you may need.

In between live calls you will dive into the master classes, review the materials and take massive steps towards your goals. The Coaching and Masterminding Live Calls are there to keep you accountable and sustain your hard work and profound commitment. The calls are highly interactive with a ton of opportunity for personalized support.

You can use the "Clarity Chair". You can ask me questions. Yes, you can be coached directly by me during the call. This way you will not only learn yourself, but help others with their challenges, as well.

Don't worry if the live call times don't always line up for you. All the calls are recorded, and you can submit questions ahead of time, which I will answer during the session. You can listen to the recording later. All questions are welcome, so you never have to feel behind!

I designed it this way on purpose. This is my "no (wo)man behind" strategy. I refuse to allow you to stick this product on the shelf/hard disk or feel like you cannot use the material because it's not exactly right for you. I'm committed to your success. I'm committed to your breakthrough.

This is just like individual coaching, but on steroids!


You are invited to 6 Coaching and Masterminding Calls with yours truly, Blanca Vergara!

All calls will be at 20:30 CET, 11:30 PST​


Live Access To The A Better ME Community

Imagine having a group of people, on the same path as you, who will support you, lift you up, encourage you and give you guidance. Then imagine this group is always there for you, and always ready to listen to whatever challenge you have. Imagine, you getting a chance to share your wisdom with others who love and appreciate you.

Facebook provides an instantaneous way for attendees to interact with one another. We also use Facebook to chat, live, during Coaching and Masterminding Calls, and as a place for you to post questions and interact with your peers. In addition, attendees enjoy creating "A Better ME" Buddies, accountability partners, with whom you can work on and offline. 

Finlly, if you ever miss a session, you can get help from others to catch up and you will also be masterminding with everyone in to test your ideas and share your challenges.​

“She helps point the way to all that is possible”

“Blanca is your north star on your journey forward. She beams brightly and knowingly and helps point the way to all that is possible. Her gentle presence and her skilled process reassures us that all things -- big and small are within reach once we set the course and look upward and beyond our own limitations.”

Sue Carmody
- Santa Barbara Coaching Collective, USA
John Doe UI/UX Designer