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Is there a dream in your drawer? Is there a bold project waiting to be born?

"A Better Me in 100 Days" is for you

During 100 days you'll receive my words in your inbox. I'll accompany you every single day f0r 100 days while you make happen your boldest goal. A combination of tough love, high performance science and compassion has inspired these 100 emails.​

Over the course of 100 days you will receive brain changing emails to help you increase your productivity ten fold, as well as free up your time and enhance your vitality.



    This book is for you if you are a modern professional, man or woman, who wants it all:

  • You want a brilliant career that allows you to live your potential and to contribute to a better future for humanity.
  • You also want a loving intimate relationship that supports your growth and self expression.

Definitely you don’t want to give up either of them.

This book is for you, if you are ready to

  • attract your perfect partner into your life
  • take your intimate relationship to the next level
  • write a brand new life story
  • be the first one in your family to enjoy love, family and career




You know you have massive talent. However pretexts come to take control of your results. Ideas like "I'm not good enough", "I can do it tomorrow" stop your best work. 

Are you ready to break this vicious circle?
This book is for you!

​It teaches you how to create habits of change and growth. It contains practical and accessible ideas, based on scientific research. It will allow you to understand the obstacles and possibilities of behavior change in a practical way. 

For 12 weeks you will be accompanied on a journey of personal and professional transformation. Once you finish it your life will simply be divided into: before this book and your new unstoppable life.



There are so many dis-empowering messages out there towards women. However, it is a great delusion that we cannot influence the dramatic changes the crisis has brought to our lives, to our companies, to our society. We can! We can influence the creation of a renewed world: new business practices, new education practices, new health system, new housing solutions, new relationships…

You need to awake to your own power in order to become the true she-leader you are. You need to awaken to the qualities that are latent inside you and put them to the service of future generations.



Are you stealing from yourself?

You might not be aware of it. You might even deny it. But your very own actions, your very own reasons are sabotaging the financial rewards that you deserve. There are so many reasons why you do not charge (nor cash) what you are worth, specially being a heart centered entrepreneur.

Blame, fear, guilt and other painful believes are hiding behind all these “reasons”. They do not allow us to see our true potential. They don’t allow us to see the true potential of our customers.

Stop stealing from yourself!
Start valuing your value!​